Seminar Report on 3D Model Search Engine

Introduction to  3D Model Search Engine Seminar Topic:

This paper is about the techniques that help to search for 3d models. 3D objects can be searched using shape-based queries. Query interfaces gives fast results if they are developed with the combination of 3D sketches, 2D sketches and text interfaces. The four procedures involved in query processing are crawling, indexing, querying and matching.


Query interface selection is one of the challenging tasks in 3D model searching. Attributes of 3D model like shape and appearance are used by shape based query interfaces. Finding a shape descriptor, index should build for that shape descriptor and executing the geometric matching for that are few of the challenging tasks involved in supporting 3D shape based queries. Search results can be retrieved with high speed for a 3D object with the help of shape descriptors.

Matching Methods

Query interfaces can be developed depends on using text interface or using 3D or 2D sketches.

Text matching: Searching can be done using text keywords, which is very common query interface using on web. For each 3D model corresponding text document is placed on the database. Search results can be fetched by matching the user entered text with the 3D models respective text document in the database.

2D shape descriptor matching: Results are fetched by computes the 2D shape descriptors based on the 2D sketches given by user as an input. User can give input in 3 ways i.e., front, top or side view of a 2D sketch which in turn transformed into boundary descriptors. These boundary descriptors compared with the existing boundary descriptors in the database and fetch the search results.

3D shape descriptor matching: Results are fetched by computes the 3D shape descriptors based on the 3D sketches given by user as an input. 3D model preprocessed shape descriptors exists in the database are compared with the computed 3D shape descriptors and fetches the search result.


3D objects can be searched with the help of either using 3D sketches or 2D sketches or text interfaces.  A user mostly uses the text interface rather than using 3D or 2D sketches as an input. But in fact, searching using 3D sketches fetches the search results with more speed when compared to the remaining tow but users draw and give 3D sketches as an input accurately.

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