Seminar Report on JIRA The Java Based Technology

Introduction to  JIRA The Java Based Technology Seminar Topic:

JIRA is an issue tracking product developed by Atlassian.  JIRA is used for bug tracking, issue tracking and for project management. JIRA helps software development teams by providing issue tracking and project tracking to improve code quality and speed of development. According to stakeholders, managers and end-user requirements, JIRA application development requires configuring JIRA. With the help of software development approaches and methodologies, structured system, JIRA applications are developed. Which results in scalable JIRA applications and this makes project managers, department supervisors, stakeholders and end-users happy.

JIRA is being provided by Atlassian for free to open source projects. Commercial customers can get full source code under developer source license.

JIRA has plug-in architecture and number of integrations developed by JIRA development community, including IDE’s like Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA using Atlassian IDE connector. JIRA API is an extensible way for developers to plug applications into JIRA.

JIRA was developed by a private company based in Australia, Atlassian, in response to a need for a more robust open source software defect tracking system.  JIRA helps in prioritizing, assigning, tracking, reporting and auditing the issues from software bugs and helpdesk tickets to project tasks and change requests. JIRA is an extensible platform that can be customized to match business processes. JIRA improves quality by ensuring all task details are followed and recorded till completion.

JIRA workflow consists of a set of steps and transitions through which an issue goes during its lifecycle and typical Workflow represents business processes. A default workflow can’t be edited but can be customized by creating additional workflows. Each workflow corresponds to particular projects and particular issue type.

Workflow steps and transitions:

  • A step is a stage in a workflow for an issue, an issue exists only one step at any point in time. Workflow step is usually named after a linked status.
  • A transition represents link between two steps. A transition moves issue from one step to another step. If an issue should progress from one step to another, transition is required to link those two steps.

Features of JIRA are:

Bug Tracking:

Bugs are inevitable part of software development team, no matter whether team is large or small. JIRA personalizes bug tracking; it is powerful, yet simple. Any issue details including workflow actions, attachments, recent activity and custom fields are viewed by JIRA.

Project Tracking:

Tracking a bug in a single application is more flexible task using project management tool, and also software development management can be done for several products. JIRA provides different ways to generate reports and track team progress.

JIRA is specially designed for system and software application developers; it is a capable issue management application.

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