3D Password More Secure Authentication Seminar Report

3D Password More Secure Authentication Seminar Report covers

  • Abstract
  • Drawbacks for Preexisting Password Mechanisms
  • Expected functionality
  • Advantages of 3D password

Introduction Secure Authentication using 3D password:

Normally textual password were provided which does not provide much security, it can easily be guessed and cracked by the attackers or hacker. Whereas biometric totally depends on the features of the user and can be duplicated. Now let us learn about 3D passwords. 3d password is recorded in a different way. First the 3D environment is created for the user so that 3D password is recorded. After the environment is being set the movements of the user are being traced and then these movements become a part of password for the users. This is the way in which the 3D password is recorded.

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Working of Secured Authentication

Let us now learn how 3D passwords are recorded. When a user enters the GUI authenticates the user. After the authentication gets over the system opens an virtual garage which contains many equipments and tools. In this garage every object is moved along the x, y and z axis. And in this way the movements of the user are recorded and stored as the password.

Expected Functionalities

i.      It is user friendly.

ii.      User can choose the authentication scheme of his own choice.

iii.      It provides high level security.

iv.      It is difficult to crack.

v.      Can be used in security of important machines, nuclear missiles.

For a over view on 3D password authentication ppt, seminar view this video link



Biometrics is used for security. In this type of system physiological features of human being are recorded such as fingerprints, retina scan, face detection and many more.

Advantages of biometrics are that it provides high level of security. Since the human characteristics are considered it is hard to crack.

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