Seminar Project Report on Cyborg A Cybernetic Organism

Description:  The research paper Seminar Project Report on Cyborg A Cybernetic Organism speaks about Cyborg a Cybernetic Organism that has been in vogue since the past few years. A Cyborg is a robot with advanced sensory perceptions. The research paper suggests the advents made in the field of Robotics and the strides that it is going to make in near future.

The aim of any such thing such as Cyborg is to enrich human thought see that better resources could be harnessed and better quality of life is achieved through thought alone. The ever increasing importance of Cyborgdom has been commented upon in the paper and ithas been suggested that the first cyborg was a white rat that was developed in York’s Rockland State Hospital during 1950’s.

Cybernetics is one field of Robotics that has cast hope over the lives of hopeless people bionic eye, c-leg, i-limb are no longer fantasies. The cochlear implants that make extra neuro-sensory perceptions possible make complex body a movement like twists and turns possible.

Many astonishing Brain Computer Interactions and transplants have been mentioned in the paper.

Scope of Cybernetics:

Many breakthrough research ideas are suggested in the field that suggest the extent of possible growth of the field. Some mentioned in the paper are:

  1. Thought Communication
  2. Remote Medical Operations
  3. Always On Humans
  4. Superman
  5. Security
  6. Medicine and many more

Drawbacks: All these achievements are not without possible drawbacks. Religion might misinterpret these advancements. People may not be very positive about the advancements happening in these fields.

Conclusion: Cybernetics holds a promise of evolving the human race to indescribable levels. Giant strides have been made in the field and many more to be. Although the science has many controversies, yet it is one that is very challenging and with an innate capacity to keep the human thought green and creative.

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