Security in Wireless Cellular Networks Computer Science Seminar Report for Final Year Students

Introduction to Security in Wireless Cellular Networks Computer Science Seminar Topic:

Use of the mobile devices has increased. The communication is based on voice over communication. By using the cell phones we can access internet, send text messages. For all this type communication security is very important. Based on the network speed and band width it is classified into three types.

  • GPRS
  • EDGE
  • 3G

Security Issues in Cellular Networks:

The infrastructure of Cellular Networks consists of multiple entities and very massive Limitations of Cellular Networks.

 Open Wireless Access Medium: Because of wireless communication we cannot stop an attacker from hacking.

 Limited Bandwidth: The band width is increasing depending on network but all have share this medium

 System Complexity: Adding of new security vulnerabilities can be introduced.

 Limited Power: They consume lot of battery power so its battery is limited.

Limited Processing Power: The process power is very limited.

Security Issues in Cellular Networks:

Authentication: Authentication necessary for all subscribers for right networking. Since the purpose of 3G technology is communicate from anywhere in the world.

Integrity: The data like SMS chats should not be modified.

Confidentiality:  Due to increased network communication security must be high

Viruses and Malware: The mobile devices should be protected from malware attacks.

Device Security: Security for the devices should be maintained to avoided unauthorized access.

Types of Attacks:

Denial of Service (DOS):  This can bring entire network structure down. These also results in the unable to access the network.

Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS):  DOS must cannot be controlled from a single host. For this number host can be launched.

Channel Jamming: This is the one of the attack used by the hackers.

Unauthorized Access: If proper authentication is not present then hackers can easily attack network services.

Session Hijacking:  The communication session can be easily hijacked without proper security.

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