Computer Science Seminar Report on Network Security Internet and Computer Security

Introduction to Computer Science Seminar Topic on Network Security Internet and Computer Security:

Many people face problem in today’s day to day life regarding the computers and also regarding the security issues too. The main thing that every person is worried about is the account hacking happening in large scale now a day’s. Hacking means the charge which sets a bad image on the people and the user.

The hacker can be a normal person or also can be an expert. In the current stage the hackers are straightly claimed as the criminals. This people hacks the accounts, spread viruses and harm the computers and the other systems too. If we all wants to save the hacking were done then best way is to protect the accounts from a unique and tight security formats. 

Now the concept is who is the cracker in all this issues so the answer is a cracker is a person who tracks into our system computers and do such things which are totally banned in the sector rules. There is a lot difference between the hacker and the cracker. The main reason the hackers and the crackers do is get publicity in less time and then they get stuck behind the bars for the illegal issues been done. The prevention of the security to the windows operating system is very cheap because even a person is aware of hacking learns the hacking process from the Windows operating systems only and then they start with the others. 

Some issues about the security is firstly the firewalls in computers and systems this firewall plays the role same as that of the security guards.  Secondly the patch management which recycles the files which are again in need. Third is the antivirus which prevents the system from the harmful virus being spread in systems.  

Finally a message is that all must learn the ethical hacking skills and not the illegal hacking. Here all network and its security issues starts with the person who 9is completely educated in the IT department. As we say that the prevention first is better than cure.

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