Semantic Web And Ontologies Paper Presentation for CSE Final Year Students

Introduction to Semantic Web And Ontologies Paper Presentation:

The ontology concept was used in the field of both computers and medicine.Ontology is a specification of a Conceptualization and is the basic structure. There are various tools used for developing ontology.


It is also called as mesh of information that can be easily processed by machines. The data can be represented worldwide in efficient way. The Semantic Web facilitates common framework that allows data to be reusable and shared across application, enterprise, and reused over community.Semantic Web was invented by Tim Berners’s Lee. The system has been developed on the basis of layered architecture.

  Logic And Proof  
RDF Schema  
XML Schema  
Unicode And URI


Unicode and URI:

Unicode and URI are used for the purpose of computer character identification and standard identifying on locating resources. These provide the base line for languages used in web development world-wide.

XML:  The meaning of the data that is communicated through web is designed by XML. It standards are Namespaces and Schemas.

Resource Description Framework: It is first layer of the Web scheme. The relationships are identified using RDF.

Ontologies: This provides more complex constraints.

Logic and Proof: Deduction of resources is made according to the satisfaction.

Trust: It provides trust for the semantic-web. The quality assurance is made.


The vocabulary for sharing the information about specific domain is called ontology. The concepts of domain are well understood. Basic building blocks of ontology are as follows

  1.   classes or concepts
  2.   properties of each concept describing various features and attributes of the concept
  3.  restrictions on slots  
  4. Ontology is integral part of semantic web.

Basic Steps for Building Ontology:

i. Determine Scope
ii. Consider Reuse
iii. Enumerate Terms
iv. Define Taxonomy
v. Define Properties
vi. Define Facts
vii. Define Instances
viii. Check for Anomalies


CONCLUSION: The database design is started with customer requirements indemnification. To identify the set of terms definitions, relationships, and constraints for that application domain are identified.

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