Secure Routing Protocol for Mobile ADHOC Network CSE Project


This paper discussed about the challenges in Mobile Adhoc Network and proposed a secure algorithm to defend attacks on routing protocols.


The main challenge in MANET is that a mobile link is most susceptible to attacks. There are both external and internal attacks acts against routing protocols.  An external attack generates by a router which pretends as a trusted router and not participates in the actual routing process.  These routers may cause Denial of Service attack or can advertise false routing information.  An internal attack generates by a malicious or faulty router inside a network domain. There is a need to design and develop secure routing protocols for MANET. These secure protocols are divided into two categories. 1. Protocols adding security mechanisms to the existing routing protocols, 2. Protocols are designed to detect and defect specific attacks.

Key management mechanism, Route discovery and attack detection are the three major tasks involved in designing a secure network protocol over MANET.  Attacks can be done using Modification and Impersonation. If the contents of routing packet are modified by including some incorrect information in the network leads to an attack in the network.  If a malicious node tries to impersonate a node and send data on its behalf, then we can consider such attach as attack using impersonation. This attack will combines with modification attack and then comes as an attack in a network.


One of the challenging problems in network is how to detect and defend attacks on routing protocols.  This paper proposed an algorithm which can detects the internal attacks with the help of message and route redundancy. This paper also proposed an optimal routing algorithm with specific routing metric which based on a node’s performance and trustworthiness. These two proposed algorithms are integrated with existing AODV and DSR routing protocols for MANETs (Mobile Adhoc Networks) 

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