Sales and Service Management

Computerization has become a backbone for today’s world.  It completely changed the manual system in all fields of work.  The change comes out to be very interesting and saving as it helps in storage of data early and efficiently and also helpful in retrieving.

The  project  titled  as SALES AND SERVICE MANAGEMENT  was  developed  in  VISUAL BASIC  as  FRONT-END  and  MICROSOFT ACCESS  as  BACK-END

The  main  objective  of  the  project  is  to  mark  required  activities  under

computerization. The  project  holds  to add the details in the software.

  3. VEHICLES DETAILS              

The Jaya Auto Mobiles is authorized dealer for Bajaj Company so we need to develop the software for using all-purpose to maintain the company. In this software has contains more options to easier use.



The proposed system is a user-friendly software (GUI) that requires less knowledge incase of the new user, since it requires less or no use of the keyboard entry.  It just involves selection from a list of possible items and selection of menus.  The program requires less coding and the output (report) generation is much simpler and requires less coding.  The data are stored in the database under the system and is easy to retrieve. 


The speed of operation can be increased with less time in data input and retrieval.  Being the recent software with existing GUI facility updating or working in future environments becomes easy and functioning in the networked environment is also easy.

It requires less alteration and flexible in case of the database.  The database used is of flexible and reduces redundancy and setting of constraints becomes one of its advantages to its predecessor.  The speed of calculation is also faster.  Data protectively is efficient when compared with existing system.


The  system  developed  under  windows  98   using  VB.    It maintains its entire  database  using  MS ACCESS . the  special feature of this software is the generality and it can be worked on any low configuration personal  computers since the menu gives the clear understanding, it is easy to use.

We are very sure that, this software will be very useful for share viewers to use  this software there is no need of knowledge about operating system. Training on moving the mouse and less English knowledge is enough to operate the system. Modifying design at any time can enhance the system. And there is no need to change the code when we want to modify it. new controls can be added to system. This software does not require any manual guidance.

This system has been developed after a detailed investigation of the existing system. this package has developed so as to reduce the strain on the end-users and it is capable of incorporating any additional requirement.

This project computerizes the various processes that are performed which would help a long way in storing, accessing and retrieving information within a short time. The modules are created in a user-friendly manner for easy access. using this system the stored information I the database will be used for future references. The reports are generated required by the company and the system helps they department by reducing erros, time and manual work. At last we say that this software is less expensive and user-friendly.


Front End Tool           :           Visual Basic

Back End Tool            :           Access

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  1. That’s a great projects, can i get the source code, {sales and service management system} need to learn how to use MS access as background, let me ,

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