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Existing System:

In this modem world Internet pays a crucial role in every individual’s part of life. Now a days, every one are like to have this own page in the Internet, with free of cost. To rectify the users wish so many websites provided free domain page for every registered users in the registered websites.  If we lack our attention towards the last ten years, every user is interested in creating their page in the internet.

In order to fulfill the users wish many of the websites provides page for every registered users in the respective websites still some of  the websites are depend upon the cost based manner, for creating the user page. Once the user page is created they are still depending upon some amount of money to renewal the page for every annum.

Personal Home Page (PHP) Builder Home Page

When we take some websites, the content of the file size is only limited pages and display method look like an ordinary text that usually we created in notepad. So it will be inconvenient to the users to create a lengthy document in a file. When we see is exiting system, the display method look like a ordinary notepad. In proposed system, when the user wish to change the template which the user created at the beginning, it doesn’t provide facilities to select a another template for Users choice.


  • Exiting System also suffer from display formats.
  • The create page based on cost.
  • File size is limited
  • Existing system is not flexible
  • Time factor
  • Limited templates are available

Proposed System 

Proposed System plays a vital role, is bringing the users attention towards them. It provides a lot of features that are not available in Exiting system. Cost of allocation is free for users, who created a page in a particular website. The user is selecting a template, at the beginning of home page created. When the user is visiting the home page next time, he used the see some of the templates better than the previous one. The user thinks to change his previous home page, lot the time.

It provides a facility to the users to change the style of templates, depends upon the users wish. When we take a website in the proposed system, the content of the file size is unlimited. So, it all be a great benefits to the users to create their documents, lengthy format is a file.

Proposed system, a flexible one to each and every user and it doesn’t support time factor. Once we created a home page in website, the it will be accessed for a long time. There are huge numbers of templates is available and display method brings a attractiveness, towards the user, who visits a page for a first time. When we see is Existing System, the display method look like a ordinary method. In propose system.

Personal Home Page (PHP) Builder DFD

Proposed System, a familiar one among the users since it provides a free cost and support a lot a feather.


To fulfill the users requirement by creating the Home page in free cost and to provide let of features that are convenient to them. 


  • Proposed System is flexible.
  • It doesn’t support time factor.
  • File size is unlimited
  • Huge number of templates available.
  • Cost allocation is free for page creating.


The system “PHP Builder” is tested on local intranet and works fine.  The system generates Personal Home Page for every registered user.  Whenever user wants to change his templates, the system automatically converts the existing template into new one.  When the system generates PHP for the user that page approximately takes 540 KB (or more) based on the selected template.  If more users are registered here, then more secondary storage is needed in the server.

Scope for Further Improvement

The system works fine in local intranet.  We planned to host our system in Internet. And the system has only few templates.  In future we are going to introduce more templates for user choices and there are no specific object/components for reading the uploaded file in the server, we plan to write a one DLL file in Visual Basic/Visual C++ in the server, that DLL file is carried out task.

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