Safety Guard for Vehicles and Traffic Management Using Fuzzy Logic ECE Project Report

Introduction to Safety Guard for Vehicles and Traffic Management Using Fuzzy Logic Project:

The proposed design is based on fuzzy logic which is used for guiding the vehicle to find the obstacles on the road. The fuzzy logic is implanted in the areas where there is less information and where there is lack of information so as to get a possible outcome. In this paper we will see how fuzzy logic is implemented in our model for guiding the vehicle to find obstacles. We will also look into the design of the proposed model and the areas of implementation of fuzzy logic.

Working model and fuzzy logic implementation:

In fuzzy controller to make decisions we use a fuzzification interface which determines the input and output variables and map them accordingly. In the controller we find a knowledge base which contains the domain information and it make decisions based on the domain knowledge. We use a defuzzification interface for converting the fuzzy output into a value. To find the obstacles coming on the road we use an ultrasonic sensor which detects the obstacles and give the distance of the obstacle. Here in this design we find a transmitter section and a receiver section.

We use a LCD which displays the distance of the obstacle and zonal alarm is placed in the model which displays the areas like schools and hospitals so as that the vehicle can slow down in these areas. So to reduce the tension for the driver to make decisions when there is obstacle or in heavy traffic areas the fuzzy logic is used which gives us the responses based on the situation and automatically controls the speed of the vehicle and displays the schools or hospital areas.

Advantages and applications:

This logic is implemented in the areas we don’t find the required information to make a possible outcome. These are used in various fields and these are use in providing navigation for the robots which are in unknown environment.

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