Fuzzy-Logic Based Information Fusion for Image Segmentation Project Report

Introduction to Fuzzy-Logic Based Information Fusion for Image Segmentation Project:

The project involves the implementation of Fuzzy based mostly data fusion for image segmentation. Here we have a tendency to 1st perform image segmentation on totally different cues.

The Fuzzy-c-means bunch formula is employed for segmentation of every cue house. In any field, wherever finding cluster of comparable region in a picture is that the task then the bunch technique ought to be used for characteristic the similar regions into single group.

This may have totally different inputs, outputs and alternative parameters that are restrained within the returning section of the report. 


The goal of image segmentation is to group pixels into prominent image regions, regions take pleasure in surfaces, substance, or normal fundamentals of objects.

Segmentation is always used for seeing, occlusion boundary estimation inside motion or stereo systems, compression, image redaction, or image info look-up.

For intensity pictures (i.e., those diagrammatic by point-wise intensity levels) four widespread approaches are: threshold techniques, edge-based ways, region-based techniques, and connectivity-preserving relaxation ways. 

About FUZZY Logic

The idea of Fuzzy Logic first comes in 1965 by Lotfi A. Zadeh, faculty member for technology at University of American state in Berkeley.

Actually symbolic logic (FL) may be a multivalve logic that permits transitional values to exist outlined between standard evaluations.

Ideas like quite tall or in no time will be developed accurately and processed by computers, so as to use an additional human-like means of thinking within the programming.

Fuzzy systems area unit are another to ancient notions of set membership and logic that has its origins in Hellenic philosophy.

The exactness of arithmetic owes its success in giant half to the efforts of Aristotle and therefore the philosophers United Nations agency preceded him.

In their efforts to plot a elliptic theory of logic, and later arithmetic, the supposed “Laws of Thought” were posited.

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