RSA Encryption Project a Final Year Project Topic on Cryptography

Introduction to RSA Encryption Project:

The distribution of keys is the biggest cryptography problem. Like if you live in the united states and want to pass secret information’s to someone else who is residing in some other states the you must use some key formats for encoding and decoding the message. This key will be known only to both of you and if you do not want the hackers to cracker and decipher your key then keeps on changing the code from time to time.

But the problem is to tell the key code to the other person as if you mail then it can be stolen and if you send them cytographically then someone can easily break and get the code. So now there is no way out but just think if you have a  one way encoding and decoding system.

In this process encoding is easy and similarly decoding is difficult. It means that anyone can encode a message easily but only a single person can decode it and this system is known as “one way ciphers”. It I also called as “trap door ciphers”.  Here there is a key to individual cipher and also a separate key for decoding.

If you are aware about the decoding key then encoding can be easy for you but again doing the opposite is a troublesome job. Now again if you want to change a key then just make pairs of new keys and exchange only the encoding codes. If these cards are stolen then there is no problem because the person who will steal it can only use the message for encoding and under no circumstances he will able to decode it.  Encoding keys are also known as public keys and it can be published in any popular locations. In short, if you want to send  a secret message to someone then he is the only person who can decode and read it.

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