CSE Final Year Project on RSA Secure Chat Server with Report

Chat servers are now easily available and it enables people to connect with one another. It makes it easy for conversing with those who stays far away or even near by at low costs. AOL is a kind of chat service that helps in conversion with people within real time. Moreover, this service provides possibilities of host for school, work and connectivity.

Privacy is not provided in this widely available facility of chat. Whatever is sent and exchanged through the chat server is not secured at all. This project is designed in order to make the servers of the chat system more secure for the users. Public key encryption is used for this purpose that help to send messages through chats all across the world.

The chat service has various benefits like it allows instant exchange of messages between people. It enables in quick responses and group chats. The real time system helps to reduce the cost of expenses through the system of chatting. Usually this is not a secured way of communication but only till when it is written in plain text. But on the other hand, if it is intercepted it can make the message exchange more safe and secure.

The best part of encryption is that it requires less time for processing as chat messages are not very long. It also helps every message to be signed digitally and the utilization of public key encryption can securely transmit the message. Interception can occur but the message will not be able to decipher by the interceptor. Again, data insertion can take place but the use of digital signature ensure the authenticity of the message. There are various secure chat protocols that enable the users to chat with one another. Chat servers have become very popular nowadays and it has become a common medium of conversion especially among the youth generation.

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