Services and Tools required while installing SQL Server – Sql Server Tutorial

When we install sql server, we will be getting the following services :- 

  2. Integration Services
  3. Reporting Services
  4. Analysis Services
  • Among those services integration service is common to all sql server instances.
  • We configure each instance separately.
  • The first installation is called “default-instance “and next installation is called “Named Instance”

When you install sql server the following tools are installed :-

These tools are categorized into two types

1) Developer Tools 

  • SSMS –> OLTP

2) Database Administrator Tools

  • SSMS
  • SQL server profiler
  • DB tuning advisor
  • Configuration Manager.

When you opened the “SSMS”,it will be asking following Input  :-

Server Type   :–

  • It will shows the list of services,from the that select the “DB ENGINE”.

Server Name  :–

  • Name  of the server[computer name]
  • You cannot to default instance,server name must be name of the server.
  • To connect default named instance,give to server name is server\inst2.

Authentication  :–

1) There are two types of authentication.

  •        Windows authentication
  •        Sql server authentication

2) If authentication is windows authentication then window user can connected to sql server
3) If authentication is sql server authentication,then so the user must sql server user

the user must provide that

  • Login        : sa[system administration]
  • Password   :*** 

Start –> All programs –> Sql server2005 –> SSMS(or) –> SSBIDS

By default sql server comes with following databases  :-

  • Master DB
  • Model DB
  • MSDB
  • TempDB

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