Robotic Lanmover Final year Project Based on Robotics with Report

Introduction to Robotic Lanmover Final year Project:

The implementation and design of a robotic lawnmower, yardbot is represented in this paper and the main objective is to craft a lawn mover that can mow the grasses in a specific area automatically within less than 20 minutes. It should also able to avoid collisions with the obstacles that may locate in that area. Usually the obstacles that are present in a lawn and therefore must take into consideration are flower pot, fenced area, table and so on. In case the lawnmower comes in contact with any moving objects then it will engage the mover for 30 seconds and then move off from the field area.

The main motto is to achieve a create a frame and to implement perfect algorithms for the the creation of such a motor. It is also followed by the designing of an efficient, navigational and functional algorithm that can process data from a completely different GPS, ultrasonic sensors, digital IMU , laser range finder and a touch screen. The use of coders and output of algorithms will control the direction and speed of the movement.

It is a tedious job to mow a field using a lawn mower and usually a person tends to avoid it. There are two ways in which you can avoid doing this job firstly by engaging someone else to do the job for you in return of some money and secondly to use a robot to accomplish the task.

Here we are focusing on a complex robotic lawn-mower as the existing simple mower has not been accomplished to create a successful mover that can perform exactly even in complex design fields.  The robotic lawn mower proposed in this project is based on the GPS navigation system and is a sophisticated device that is capable of mowing complex and large size fields. 

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