Robotics Final Year Project Ideas and Topics

Constructional Working of Robotics:

Electronic Engineering ECE Approach:


In our Robotics Final Year Project we have two cameras

a) C-MOS camera sensor

b) Stereo camera

          The C-MOS sensor camera is placed at the center of the bot and the stereo camera is placed at the center of the bot and the stereo camera is placed at the top of the bot. the camera is tilt to an angle to make the projection perfectly projected to the center of the object.

The C-MOS camera is used to perform more specifically for the lane detection. It is used because of its very high sensitivity to light, low power consumption and low cost. The output is digital, so it is directly fed to the controller to take the action. The functional block diagram shows the importance of camera action.

Technical Features of the Robotic Camera:

The Image processing and Image acquisition is performed by the on-board micro processor and the result of stereo and C-MOS camera is stored in SRAM (Static Random Access memory) and DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) respectively.

The lane following is pre processing method, so the sample of images are pre loaded to the SRAM and it’s been cross checked by the controller and necessary action is given to the end effector. 

          The Dynamic image processing is carried out by using stereo camera where the self-windowing algorithm is used for real time variation. It is been stored in DRAM and synchronously signal is given to controller to perform the end- effector action.

Block diagram of the robotic project idea clearly show the importance of two cameras.

For lane detection:

For lane detection

Obstacle avoidance:

Obstacle avoidance

 Stereo camera is used for obstacle avoidance performances, since it has very high resolution.

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