Rich Site Summary Perl MYSQL NIT CSE Final Year Project

Introduction to Rich Site Summary Perl Project:

The rich site summary project focus on producing softwares that make sure to keep the website for checking the updates as well as the RSS feed automatically. The RSS reader will surely parse the RSS feed and provides the user with the latest news and updates.

The most extensive used XML formats on the web is RSS. THE rss XTML describes a new style of searching web information’s and it also acts as a news fee. Usually this link consists of links and summaries of the new content of a web site.

As per the RSS feed back the generator can now easily generate the RSS files. It’s almost become difficult to manage the sites that are provided with more than thousand links and it is limited only up to a specific domain.  Almost more than half of the sites have useless links or links of other channels. It can also produce RSS generator that can help in generating the RSS feed for almost all the links. For the gcc gnu compilers site there is a selected domain and so for the morzilla web browser.

Open source is the restricted limit for the RSS reader and it includes,, etc. the above mentioned sites is parsing the RSS feeds to the readers of RSS providing the latest up to date informations. According to the research it is said that the domain can be further extended  and it can also be used for generating RSS feedbacks in case the source can be found from where the update is made or at least a small description of the text. .9 is the standard feed generated value for this project that is allowed by the RSS. This can be a useful expansion for the users and it will also enhance the level of security.

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