Research Methodology of a Final Year Project


The comprehensive analysis based on the research methodology is been accepted with in this project and it is described in detail in this thesis. The authentic methodology which is been taken in to consideration from the qualitative as well as the quantitative methods with in this research process and even the specific factors which lead to select this methodology is been explained in detail with in this research.

The research oriented research approach which is been considered for the primary source of the data as well as the secondary source of the data is been described in detail. The interviews which are semi organized are been conducted in order to gather the primary source of the information as well as this information is been utilized to develop the search regarding the research and the equivalent research analysis conducted to certify the value of the research which is been conducted to recognize the actual result from the literature.

Research methodology chosen

The research methodology is the process in which the actual methodology is been considered to progress the research as well as the tools that are been used in order to collect the information that are necessary to support the research. Generally there are two kinds of the research methodologies which are been used in order to rectify the problems happened within the research such as Qualitative research methodology as well as the Quantitative research methodology. The research methodology types which are considered are based on the different aspects such as the type of problems which are taken in to consideration within the research process as well as the appropriate and significant data which is to be collected and even the total analysis of the research methodology types are illustrated in detail. 

Qualitative research methodology

The qualitative research methodology is totally based on the human  behavior or actions as the major causes which are after this actions are been included with in this process. The problems which are taken in to consideration with in the process of the research towards the human behavior or actions are specified with in this qualitative research methodology as well as these kind of methodology is been utilized towards the educational discipline, social studies as well as the common problems which are happened within the market. The process of decision making will include several steps as well as the critical aspects such as the way of reacting towards the problems which have taken pace with in the research.

For the purpose of the qualitative research methodology it is better to choose the small volume rather than choosing the huge volume which is been used to collect the data from the individuals who are included with in the process of research. The critical non- numerical data excluding the main issues such as graphs, charts as well as the statistical methods are taken in to consideration in order to finish the research analysis of the data which is base on the genuine emotional observations as well as the conclusions than that of the basic conclusions.

Quantitative research methodology

Generally the quantitative research methodology is based on the models which are related to the mathematical as well as the theories based on the social sciences. This quantitative research methodology will even include the statistical analysis as well as the experimental examination of the properties and the internal relationship among the quantitative aspects. 

The significant aspects which will make the quantitative research methodology are the measurement as well as the evaluation by the regular values as well as the resulting observations are been used within the quantitative research methodology. By making use of these research methodology the questions such as what, why and where are been answered and in this quantitative research methodology as the major research methodology will include the major social sciences such as political science, economics, anthropology as well as the psychology.

Within this quantitative research methodology the specific case study is been utilized as the information resource as well as the number of general conclusions and even the hypothesis are been resulted by making use of the quantitative research methodology.

As the list of hypothesis are been made within the research process, then this quantitative research methodology could be utilized in order to confirm the true hypothesis from the list which is taken in to consideration in order to rectify the problem happened within the research. The numerical measurements such as graphs, charts as well as the statistical analysis are been used basically within the quantitative research methodology and this kind of methodology could be taken from the huge problem in which the huge or large sample size is needed as well as the data which is been collected from this type of sample should be analyzed in the way of experimental examination as well as the equivalent results are been calculated by means of the empirical analysis. For example the survey which is conducted which may result in completion of the total research process then the best methodology which could be utilized within this level is the quantitative research methodology.

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