Employer Branding through Recruitment & Selection

Objectives of the Study: 

  • To study the effectiveness of employer branding in creating employee value proposition.
  • The strategies of Employers to build Brand through Recruitment and Selection.
  • To analyze the perspective of the ex-employees, current employees and prospective employees towards a Software Company.
  • To identify the factors that increase job satisfaction of the employees.
  • To analyze the factors that make the organization a good brand.
  • To provide suggestions and recommendations to enhance the quality of the employer brand.

Scope of Study

  • The study was conducted with reference to the ex-employees, current employees and prospective employees of a Software Company.
  • The study will act as a catalyst for the organization to make itself a distinguished brand as an employer.
  • The study covers almost all the factors that an organization should consider to establish itself as the “Best Employer”.
  • The purpose of the study is to understand the preferences of the employees so that the organization will be able to raise its “external customer satisfaction” through “internal customer satisfaction”.

Limitations of the study

  • The findings are substantially based on the information given by the respondents and in most cases, subjective bias cannot be totally ruled out.
  • This report is purely applicable only to the company in which the project was carried out.
  • The opinions of the employees are likely to change in the future as there may be changes in the provision of welfare measures due to the economic conditions.
  • Only certain variables that the researcher found to be critical are considered for the study.


    1. Name of the Respondent?
    2. Age of the Respondent?
    3. Qualification of the Respondent?
    4. Existing Employee: Yes No
    5. Came for Interview: Yes No
    6. How do you know about this company
    7. Are you happy with the company Recruitment process?
    8. How do you feel about the interview panel?
    9. Did the Internal meet your expectations?
    10. Are you happy with the salary what you offered from the company?
    11. Did this company Managing fulfill the commitments which are given to you at the time of interview?
    12. How do you come to know about openings in this company?
    13. Do you want to refer more friends to this company?
    14. Did you have the right Designations to this company?
    15. What should be the company’s main source of this company?
    16. Do you think this company spends too much in term of time and cost for the recruitment process?
    17. How do you think about Recruitment and selection procedure in your company?
    18. Does the selection process at this company bring in the right candidate for the right job?
    19. What should be the best recruitment sources according to your preference?
    20. Did you fully know about the company policies before joined this company?
    21. Current Challenges of HR in the Organization
    22. Future challenges of HR in the Organization
    23. Influence of Human Resources in the organization
    24. Methods of recruitment in the organization
    25. Different sources of Recruitment in the Organization
    26. The company preferred forms of attracting the candidates
    27. Different factors considered during the Recruitment
    28. Satisfaction levels of Organizational Infrastructure
    29. Satisfaction towards the information provided during recruitment
    30. Channels through which candidates were informed if selected
    31. Satisfaction towards the feedback given to the applicants

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