Questionnaire a C++ based final year mini project

The questionnaire is a C++ based final year mini project. In this project user module mainly focused. 

Here user will be asked a number of questions to answer within a limited time the time limit is just like Kaun Banega Crorepati.

In this Computer Science mini Project a user is prompted to choose the area of his/her interest followed by a series of random questions, the user gets a score of 1 mark if it is answered correctly in given time if he fails to give the correct answer or no answer gets a 0.

The total score is displayed when the round is over. Here easy, medium & hard type of rounds available to the user.

4 Replies to “Questionnaire a C++ based final year mini project”

  1. Please, I need your help about research made questionnaire related to how interest rate affects commercial bank financial performance.
    Tks a lot

  2. Hello.Is it possible to get a link to download this project?
    It will be used only once and only in small group of people.
    Thank you!

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