Cloud Computing White Paper

In today’s world, we are using Mobile phone Service from a Mobile Service provider, we are not knowing anything about how our mobile phone is communicating with external world with a single touch, but we are nicely enjoying this service without knowing the internal functions of the mobile services (like what infrastructure, platform, software, material are used), but we are paying for the usage of the service on a monthly basis without any pain. Similarly, we are consuming the electricity for our day today activities, but we never interested to know how this electricity are made, how it is distributed across the nation, what are natural resources are required to make the electricity and how many resource are involved in this process.

Without taking any pain on these activities, we are enjoying this vital resource by switching on the single button with our finger without any pain, but it involves some cost for usage of the electricity every month. Similar examples like Cable, Internet and water are utilized by us for our day today life without knowing anything on this.

Now, my boss asked to build a very robust salary system for our organization. We will see, what are the key ingredients required for this recipe.

We need

1)     Infrastructure to communicate internal and external world (Banks, third party vendors)

2)     Servers and Operating system to run on the application

3)     Application tools to develop this system

4)     People to develop and maintenance application

When we see how to build this system with all this ingredients, it is very big process, like setting up a infrastructure, buy the rights servers, operating system and software’s and also we need to find a the right resource and knowledge to start the development activities. For example if we need to start from scratch by setting up the infrastructure, buying servers, loading the software its going to take more time. To compete with today’s market we need to build solution ASAP to see the immediate revenue. The Buzz word called “Cloud Computing” is talking about all these pains and it says, using cloud computing we have remedy.  The below section gives some details about cloud computing and see how the cloud computing solution helps us to build the system.

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