Alumni Portal Java Project


Alumni portal is a java & Oracle project which develops a repository and search engine for the alumni of the college. This allows  old and new students of a university or college to associate with each other’s and to know about each others.


Alumni portal is a web based java final year project which maintains a centralized database of the university or college. This system will automatically list all the students of the university  as alumni on their graduation and transfer their student module to alumni module.

This application students will be provided with a username and password. Student once registered will be member of the alumni portal. He can search the details of the other student. This system also provides a easy access to the students to easily obtain information about other registered users.

Alumni portal will also provide public posts on the system about possible job opportunities and news related to other colleges. This project maintains a high privacy feature. In this portal students can share the information, find  old friends and search for new friends. This alumni portal provides the chat feature which enables students to chat without revealing their mobile numbers or personal mail IDs.


The main objective of this Alumni Portal Java Project to allow students to communicate with each other and share their ideas. To provide information about of the institution, college or university. To provide effective data management and retrieval process.


Administrator Module:

The administrator is responsible for maintaining information of students. When a student submits the registration form, administrator will complete the verification process and, if successful, the student details are added into the database. The administrator maintains the passwords of Event Manager and that of himself.

Event Manager Module:

This module maintains the information about various events that are conducted by various colleges and universities. Details of notifications are also maintained. The manager can add, delete, edit and view event details.

Alumni & Student Module:

The Alumni/Students can register themselves and after the approval from the administrator, they can logon into their account and can send mails, post queries, update their profiles and even search for other student details. one can view the event details and search for specific information. The module provides mail and query functionalities.

Software Requirements:

Web Presentation                         :           HTML, CSS

Client – side Scripting                   :           JavaScript

Programming Language               :           Java

Web based Technologies              :           Servlets, JSP

Database Connectivity                  :           JDBC

Java Version                                  :           JDK1.6

Backend Database                        :           Oracle 9i

Offender Management Service Java Project


Offender management service is a project developed to improve and manage the security of prison. This project high level security to the data about the prisoners. This system enables the law enforcement people to access the data.


Offender management service is a java web application developed to maintain data without any duplication and losses. All the information related to the prisoners are maintained automatically. Information about the prisoners or prisons can be provided quickly and efficiently.

This system provides complete details of each prisoner. This system also maintains details of all the cases against each prisoner. All the activities of the prisoner will be pre planned and listed clearly in this system. Details like entry date, allocated prison and the release data will be mentioned. All the activities of the prisoner like in time and out time will be automatically updated.

Ledgers and files regarding the prisoner can be maintained with a high level security. This project provides the user to access the data without any in convince and difficulty. In this system data will be organized in a proper way without doesn’t lead to any inconsistency.


The objective of this Offender Management Service Java Project is to update all the information and to provide information about the prisoner. To make the work of the government easy by generating the  reports and documents automatically. To provide security for sensitive data.



Administrator can maintain different registers such as nominal rolls, case register, automated release register, parole register, duty register and in-out register. Other tasks done by the administrator are generation of reports, maintenance of log files, backup, and recovery of data any time. Administrator also manages details of number of cells and their usage. Administrator is also responsible for managing finances of prison.

Police officers:

Police officers can seek information regarding prisoners and convicts. The information is used to make decisions regarding court hearings, remands, release dates etc.

Data Managers:

On the behalf of administrator data manager prepares all the registers with appropriate data. They can have the privilege to add and update data in the different registers.

Nominal Rolls:

The details of the prisoner and his/her demographic details should be captured. A digital photo comprising different views of the prisoner and the list of articles surrendered by prisoner during nominal roll are to be recorded.


The system allows the generation of various reports based on different criteria such as prisoners details.

Software Requirements:

Web Presentation                            :           HTML, CSS

Client – side Scripting                      :           JavaScript

Programming Language                  :           Java

Web based Technologies                 :           Servlets, JSP

Database Connectivity                     :           JDBC

Java Version                                     :           JDK1.6

Backend Database                           :           Oracle 9i

Operating System                            :           Windows XP/2000/2003,LINUX

Web Server                                      :           Tomcat 5.5 / 6.0

Browser                                            :           IE/Mozilla

HR Operation Management System


HR operation management system is a java project which supports and maintains all the information of employees and makes the HR work easier. This application develop a system to enable interaction between employers and applicants. This application allow communication between the interested parties and complete the task of recruitment quickly.


HR management system is a java based web application which provides an efficient way to manage the information. In this system information will be supplied to various users according to their needs. This  system provides a portal for job seekers and employers.

HR function consists of tracking existing employee data which includes personal histories, skills, capabilities, accomplishments salary, attendance and leave information of all the employees in the management. This system allows the HR to save lot of time by maintaining all the details automatically.

This system solves problems related to data accessing problems, and it helps the user to add details of the employee to the firm database easily .this also helps  in improving data recovery speed and easy searching and also provide editing of data’s in the database. In this management system employee can put his attendance online . Employees can record their attendance in the system at the beginning and end of each working day.


The main objective of this HR Operation Management System java project is to provide simple and easy implementation. To protect data and ensure data accuracy. To provide online  facilities.


Administrator Module:

This module provides an interface to add new jobs in job street and functionalities to notify job and walk-in details. Also includes job search functionality which is very helpful for job seekers to search for jobs.

Applicant module: 

Applicant submits his/her Resume to an identified e-mail id with an opportunity id. On receiving the email, extract the mail contents & store it. Based on the opportunity id send it to respective HR.Applicant will respond with Acceptance/Rejection subject line. On Rejection process will be ended. On Acceptance new employee ID/mail-id will be generated & process will be ended.

HR Module:

HR will verify the resume if shortlisted he will forward it to respective managers. On rejection, an email will be sent to the applicant with reason. Manager will update based on the results.

Manager module:

Manager will schedule the interview & assign a team member to perform interview. Manager will update based on the results.

Interviewer module:

Interviewer conducts the interview & updates the interview results.

Software Requirements:

Technology                              : Java and J2EE

Web Technologies                  : HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Database                                 : Oracle 10g

JDK Version                             : JDK1.5

Server                                      : Tomcat5.5

Hospital Device Management Java Project


Hospital device management is a java project which is developed to keep records and generate reports. This project keeps the records in a centralized way.


This Hospital device management project is an web application proposed to maintain the collected data of an organization. This system is a software application which avoids more manual hours that need to spend in record keeping and generating reports.

This Hospital device management application keeps the data in a centralized way which is available to all the users simultaneously. It  is very easy to manage historical data in database. No specific training is required for the employees to use this application.

Employees can easily use this application that decreases manual hours spending for normal things and  increases the performance. The data is centralized and is very easy to track an request ,monitoring the devices and reporting.


The main objective of this Hospital device management project is to maintain the collected data of the hospital in a centralized way.


Admin Module :

The Administrator can enter the all the details of the Doctors details and all  the information related to the devices in hospital. He can track the information about the devices issued to doctors and request placed by the request of the doctors. He can view all the doctors, employees, finance dept staff and all the information related to the devices in the hospital.

Doctor module :

This module maintains all the information of the particular user, which belongs to the devices which  are available in the Hospital. This module maintains the details of the devices issued to the user. This module place a request to the devices which he required. This can be maintaining Admin, Doctors, and Accountants.

Finance Dept Module :

This module deals with view the profile and he can modify and update the profile. This module will look after the inventories, place a new order of devices and add the new devices which arrives the hospital. The device sanction is done based the request of the doctor and approval of the administrator. The devices can be updated and deleted from the list of inventories by the finance department module only.

Employee/Staff :

This module deals with view the profile and he can modify and update the profile. This module will be responsible for the inventory maintenance and monitoring of the devices in the hospital. This module people will deliver the devices to the doctors based on  the sanctioned devices by the finance department to the doctors.

Software Requirements:

Web Presentation                                 :           HTML, CSS

Client – side Scripting                          :           JavaScript

Programming Language                      :           Java6.0

Web based Technologies                     :           Servlets, JSP

Database Connectivity                         :           JDBC

Java Version                                         :           JDK1.6

Backend Database                                :           Oracle 10g

Operating System                                 :            WindowsXP/2000/2003,LINUX

Web Server                                           :           Tomcat 5.5

Efficient Claim System Java Project


Efficient claim system is designed to enable the claimants to perform their activities more efficiently.


Efficient claim system is a java web application which is developed to maintain all the information in a centralized database. The information can be accessed by any one that is claimant or any other representatives in the system. The system allows one to conduct all operations effectively and efficiently.


The main  objective of this Efficient Claim System Java Project is to design and develop a system for the processing of settlement of the claim very promptly and fairly.


Claimant module:

Claimant is the actual user and need to register first and applying for claims to csr. Then csr will performs all the process and finally updates status to the claimant.

Claim service representative:

CSR sits on in the call-center and attends calls from the insured , claimants and agents. He obtains information regarding the loss and registers the FNOL (first notice of loss) in the system. He can change the status of FNOL.FNOL will have the information that is required to register the loss and will be specific to LOB(line of business).

FNOL supervisor:

The FNOL supervisor has the capacity to view, modify, delete and verify the FNOLs. He can assign FNOL to inspection /survey team to inspect the accident claim or theft claim for further clarification.

Inspection/survey :

Inspection/survey user will go to the address as mentioned in the FNOL and will gather all the details and verify if the claim is valid or not. If not then the FNOL will be rejected.

Software Requirement:

Web Presentation                   :           HTML, CSS

Client – side Scripting            :           JavaScript

Programming Language         :           Java

Web based Technologies        :           Servlets, JSP

Java Version                            :           JDK1.5

Backend Database                  :           Oracle 10g

Operating System                   :           Windows XP/2000/2003,LINUX

Web Server                             :           Tomcat 5.5

Browser                                   :           IE/Mozilla

Election Management System Java Project


Election management system is an java based application which is developed to maintain the voting system entirely computerized. This application helps government to maintain a clean voting .


All the government process in India depends on the voting system. Managing the voting system  is a difficult process, to overcome this defect election management system is developed. This application maintains a well  and clean management system for voting.

Election management system is an automatic system which takes votes in computerized way. By doing this we can avoid fake votes and maintain a original selection of people. This application provides a technology with advanced vote-client machine which is a computer terminal voting procedure. This application several advantages.

This application may enhance the voters scope for participating in the election. It also creates scope for more rapid collection of districts threw consistencies and distribution of  evm’s. This application also enables the electoral administration to promptly announce the election reports and helps  to a broader circle.

Every booth and district which CEC are allocated is very easily maintained  in this system.  This application  can  read  various reports and can  get the information about the particular center and vote casting.


The main objective of this application is to provide a secure voting process.


This Election Management System Java Project has mainly 4 modules below:


Administration can read & write information. If every district which CEC are allocated center and can create ,update ,delete center as per the requirement and implementation plans. In this module admin can create the district, delete the district , create consistency, delete constituency, create booth and delete booth. Admin provide username and password to CEC.


In this module CEC can read information about creating the EVM, delete the EVM and also allocate the EVM values . If Every EVM in which booth centers are allocated gathers  all the values. CEC can request from PO and allocated all PO’s and retrieve the information.


In this module PO first registered to the system after that you can entered to the system. Po can see the all reports . if the PO can registered after that see the all the information and retrieve the information about PO.


In this Module every end user can see the reports about elections helps about elections.

Software Requirement:

Operating System          :        Windows Family.

Language                         :      Servlet, jsp

Data Bases                      :       Oracle10G

Server                             :        Tomcat1.5

Front End                        :        Html, JavaScript

Electronic Vegetable Market Java Project


Electronic vegetable market is an application developed in java technology for maintaining centralized repository of all the information related to vegetables. This application provides a platform for farmers, whole sellers and retailers an easy communication. This application makes the selling’s and purchases of vegetables easy.


The project electronic vegetable market is a web application which maintains a transparency between the whole seller and retailer. This application also makes a selection for civilian for the farmers requirement and to make it easy.

With the help of this application farmer can be able to know the best value for his vegetable  fooled by the marketers. This application makes the farmers requirement become easy .By using this application farmers can get the complete information about eradicating black marketing and inflation.

It helps in proper maintenance of data and information. One can easily browse through the various details using the well defined interfaces provided by the system.


The main objective of Electronic vegetable market is to develop a website which will help civilian ,retailer ,hole seller and even though the farmer will get best from his input.



This module provides administrator related functionalities. Administrator manages the entire application and manages all the customer details. Administrator is authorized to add, delete and edit all vegetable details, price details and user details.


This module provides customer related functionality. user can register in to the system. also user can get all the information about the vegetables  and its price. User also see the actual price of the vegetable. also give the complain.


Visitors also see all the information about vegetables’ and its price. no need to register.


This module allows administrator generate reports based on different criteria such as dally basis actual price of the vegetables, wholesalers, retailers etc..

Software Requirements:

Language                                :           Java

Web technologies                   :           JEE (Servlets/JSP)

Front-end Design                    :           Html, CSS, JSP

Database                                 :           Oracle 10G

Scripting                                  :           JavaScript, Ajax

Operating System                   :           Windows/Linux

Blood Donor Central Database and Web Portal


Blood donor central database java based application which maintains a centralized database to store information related to blood donors and blood providing organizations. This system maintains a means to coordinate the details of donors and organizations at one place.


Blood Donor Central Database  is a web based portal which is developed using java and oracle database to  interact with other systems and  get the details of the donors and organizations. Through our system the nonuser can also become as a donor. The system allows one to access the information about the particular donors or organizations.

In this Blood Donor Central Database and Web Portal we provide the details of the blood donors and  details of the blood providing organizations like hospitals, clinics and blood banks. The application maintains the centralized database to preserve the  details of the blood donors and organizations. Through our website we can give the suggestions to the particular donor or organizations. Our website also provides any common people to join as a donor.


The objective of this Blood Donor Central Database java based Web Portal is to develop a system through which a user can communicate and access information about a particular blood donors or blood providing organizations.



The entire application will be maintained by the administrator. He can only add the new states, new cities, new blood groups and organizations into blood donor portal. He can view the all details of the donors and organizations and he can also send the suggestions to both of the donors and organizations. He can update, delete the profile details of the website. The administrator will give the permissions for donors and organizations to login into our website.


 The donor is a person that who is ready to donate the blood, so first he has to be register in blood donor Portal by specifying his name, contact number, blood group and last donation date. He can view the suggestions of admin and the other donors in the Portal that which are send to him. He can also send the suggestions to the admin and other donors.


If any organization want to give the existence to the people those who need the blood then the organization must interact with the administrator, so the administrator will provide the Id and password to particular organization by adding it into blood donor Portal website.

Here the organizations may be a hospital, blood banks and clinics which are involved in our application. Our website maintains  all details of the organizations. By these the non-user can easily find out the details of the particular organizations and later he can contact with the organizations by their details.


The Non-User is the person  who needs the blood . The Non-User can search the blood donor by specifying proper State, City and the blood group in our Website.

Software Requirements:

Front-end                                             :                       HTML,JS,CSS.

Technologies                                       :                       J2EE/JAVA.

Database                                             :                       Oracle10g.

Server                                                  :                       Tomcat6.o.

Active City Administration Java Project


Active city administration system is a interface for citizens to provide communication with administrative body. It reduces the distance and time barrier between citizens and administration.


Active city administration is a web based application. It is a user-friendly online interface. This application creates an online platform where people can share ideas , invoke discussion, issue complaints, create suggestion/petitions for improvement of city administration.

This application is based on a Automated process. It creates a easy platform for people to communicate with administrator body. Active city administration provides direct communication with admin. Users can discuss various topics. Share their ideas, give their views also. By using this application users can save time and get immediate access with the admin.


Objective of this active city administration is to encourage and to bring transparency and flexibility in the system. To make the communication easy.


Administration Module:

Creates and monitors the accounts of authorities. To filter the content reported as inappropriate and handle threats. Handle complaints about improper response  by municipal authorities.

Citizen Module:

User should be able to create new account, log in to their existing accounts which will give them the authority to use the services provided by the system.  Authenticated users should be able to issue complaints check complaint status, submit feedback browser through other complaints and their feedback. Authenticated users should be able to create suggestion/petitions, other users can support or make suggestions for petitions forward petitions to corresponding authority for possible implementation.

Officer Module:

Officer authorities can log-in to their accounts as created by administrator. Authorities can access all the complaints, suggestion form user. Invoke proper activity in  Response to valid complaints, or redirect inappropriate complaints to the administrator. Gives response to complaints with activity reports.

NGOs Module:

NGO can form user groups similar to other users. NGO’s can publicize their Social causes on the site.

Software Requirements:

Technology                          :           J2SE & J2EE

Web technology                  :           HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Web Server                         :           Tomcat5.5

Java Version                       :           JDK 1.6

Backend Database              :           Oracle 10g

Stock & Portfolio Management System Java Project


This is a Stock & Portfolio Management System software application which is used for maintaining stock trading information. This application consist all different company’s shares list and customers list who are handling major transactions like purchasing and selling of shares.

This Stock & Portfolio Management System application will contain the companies, its shares, agents, and customers’ information. The software application “Stock and Portfolio Management” is providing an interface among the agents, companies, and customers. It will give proper updated information and real market information for every 5 minutes like that.

In current scenario we are having lot of online trading portals but all these portals are providing communication between administrators, organization people and stock brokers but they are not providing any interface between organizations to customers so that no customer can view their own information. This is not providing Performance calculation comparison to BSE and Nifty. The customer unable to get the updated details of his shares frequently. For this the customer need to depend on the other modes. And the customer can’t get the transaction details and commission details.


 Management Module:

This module deals with the administrator roles. Admin is nothing but the stock exchange employee. This module is able to add, update, and delete the new/existing company details. Able to add, update, and delete the company shares information. It gives access to the agents/brokers. Able to generate the reports based on criteria.

Stock Agent / Broker Module:

This module is to register in this application and get access from the admin. Able to view the companies list and their shares information. To get the customers and to view the customer’s information like sales, purchase details.

Customers Module:

It registers in this application. Able to view the agents/brokers information and their track record. It also views the companies list and their share information. Able to purchase new shares of a particular company and  to sell the purchased shares. Able to view, update his details as well as history details.

Software Requirements:

Language                                :           Java

Web technologies                   :           JEE (Servlets/JSP)

Front-end Design                    :           Html, CSS, JSP

Database                                 :           Oracle 10G

Scripting                                  :           JavaScript, Ajax

Browser                                    :           IE 6.0/ Mozilla

Operating System                     :           Windows/Linux