Online Itemization Structure Java Project


Online itemization structure is an application developed to provide online news service. This system allows the users to read the updated news anytime and from anywhere without any difficulty.


Online itemization structure is a web application. This application provides the updated news periodically. The purpose of developing this application is to become a substitute for the print media.

This application reduces the problem of print media and provides online updated news and articles without any stipulation of time. By using this application users can get updated news without any time gap between the occurrence of an event and the published news. This application saves lot of effect to the organization by reducing the manual activities.

Online itemization structure also clears the difficulty of various reporters and journalist to coordinate with each other to share the information and get the alerts about the news happening.


This main objective of this online itemization structure is to reduce the manual effort like workers, papers, reporters, publishers and various other permissions from government. This application saves lot of time and provides updated news to the users from their place.



Administrator module:

Administrator monitors all activities. Administrator authenticates and verifies all news information before it gets published. Administrator coordinates with all reporters and journalists for reliable information. Administrator also monitors all user activities.

User module:

The user can read the news paper by downloading it. User can access information based up on categories and relevance. User can also become a reporter with administrator permission.

Reporter module:

The reporter gathers the news related to a particular domain assigned to the reporter such as crime, sports, political etc. The reporter gets information through various sources and contacts or directly by interacting with concerned people.

Software Requirements:

Programming Language               :           Java

Web based Technologies              :           Servlets, JSP

Database Connectivity                  :           JDBC

Java Version                                  :           JDK1.6

Backend Database                        :           Oracle 9i

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