HR Operation Management System


HR operation management system is a java project which supports and maintains all the information of employees and makes the HR work easier. This application develop a system to enable interaction between employers and applicants. This application allow communication between the interested parties and complete the task of recruitment quickly.


HR management system is a java based web application which provides an efficient way to manage the information. In this system information will be supplied to various users according to their needs. This  system provides a portal for job seekers and employers.

HR function consists of tracking existing employee data which includes personal histories, skills, capabilities, accomplishments salary, attendance and leave information of all the employees in the management. This system allows the HR to save lot of time by maintaining all the details automatically.

This system solves problems related to data accessing problems, and it helps the user to add details of the employee to the firm database easily .this also helps  in improving data recovery speed and easy searching and also provide editing of data’s in the database. In this management system employee can put his attendance online . Employees can record their attendance in the system at the beginning and end of each working day.


The main objective of this HR Operation Management System java project is to provide simple and easy implementation. To protect data and ensure data accuracy. To provide online  facilities.


Administrator Module:

This module provides an interface to add new jobs in job street and functionalities to notify job and walk-in details. Also includes job search functionality which is very helpful for job seekers to search for jobs.

Applicant module: 

Applicant submits his/her Resume to an identified e-mail id with an opportunity id. On receiving the email, extract the mail contents & store it. Based on the opportunity id send it to respective HR.Applicant will respond with Acceptance/Rejection subject line. On Rejection process will be ended. On Acceptance new employee ID/mail-id will be generated & process will be ended.

HR Module:

HR will verify the resume if shortlisted he will forward it to respective managers. On rejection, an email will be sent to the applicant with reason. Manager will update based on the results.

Manager module:

Manager will schedule the interview & assign a team member to perform interview. Manager will update based on the results.

Interviewer module:

Interviewer conducts the interview & updates the interview results.

Software Requirements:

Technology                              : Java and J2EE

Web Technologies                  : HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Database                                 : Oracle 10g

JDK Version                             : JDK1.5

Server                                      : Tomcat5.5

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