House Tax Billing System Java Project


Billing system will save both time and manpower in the process of automating the regular house tax billing system.


The house billing system maintains information of customers. The data of customers is stored in a single file which consists of customers information, bills file, tracking bills to know the status of bills.
Evaluation of customers bills takes longer time due to integration in the system.


It takes a number of customers information in one file.
Acquiring one customer information becomes tough.
It takes more time to find particular customer information.
Calculation of customers bill takes longer time


The house billing system stores customer information. It calculates the house tax of the customer based on area.
It is calculated by maintaining different files such as customer information file, bills files, tracking bills for the status of the bill of each customer. All the information of customer can be searched by using bill number.


It contains a single file for every customer information so that accessing of data becomes easier.
Calculation of customers bills does not take much time.
It provides enough space to store separate files.
Accurate bills are calculated.


Managing Customer records: we will be able to search the details of the customer which are present in files, where details will be in the form of house type, built in the area, location. The generating reports we will be able to display all the details of customer file with details in the form of files.

Managing the generated bills: we will be creating bills information with details like customer name, bill number, the area of the house, and bill. we can update the details of the customers using bill number.

Tracking bill status: In this payments of the customers will be updated. We can display the defaulters who pay the tax irregularly. Defaulters should have to pay fine based on the number of days delayed by them.

Menu design and integrating of all modules: we integrate above modules into one file. we add username and password to log in for accessing the details of a particular customer.

UML Diagrams:


We can conclude that we can create Bill for house tax for the registered customer. We can add new customers to the Database. We can search for a customer in the database and all the details of customers are safe with username and password of the clerk.

Output Screens:

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