Artificial Intelligence Seminar Report

Artificial intelligence seminar topic covers detailed information on requirements of an artificial intelligence system , areas of artificial intelligence.

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Interesting Features in Artificial Intelligence:

The speed of computation and neural networks are some of the features that make a system more intelligent. It also includes filtering and displaying of responses that are meaningful and also provides a solution to a particular question. Plus, the algorithms divide the task into several subtasks called recursion.

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Similar like that of humans  brain, computers also sometime face the problems of understanding a particular situation and adapting to a new one. The behavior of the machine improved only due to the artificial intelligence. The improved behavior helps in tackling the complex jobs that are based on the deliberate reasoning of high level, abstract thoughts and recognition of patterns. The artificial intelligence can help in understanding the process by recreating it. It helps to enhance it beyond the capabilities of the present situations.

Ambiguity  makes it difficult to understand the meaning that is intended for certain sentences and phrases. It also makes difficult to understand the inferences. Symbolic logic is an unambiguous knowledge representation that is developed originally in order to formalize the attempt for reasoning of mathematics.

Artificial Intelligence Seminar report.

The limitation of semantic networks is the structure that is added which also makes it necessary for distinguishing. The object properties and relationships of the statement are the two distinguished features of the frames. A frame comes with structures in addition and it is simply a node that facilitates the relationships between the object properties and the objects itself. It is known as a representation of “slot-and-filler”.

Reasoning for monotonic:

With time the facts also change

A gather of facts never reduces

The system of monotonic reasoning is very effective for solving problems in various situations.

Principles of NMRs

Y is concluded if the x is unknown.

Again y is concluded if x is not proven

Default reasoning is essential in the presence of incomplete details.

Multimedia Streaming Technology in 4G Mobile Communication Systems

Multimedia streaming Technology in 4G Seminar Covers:

  • 4G mobile communication systems
  • Mobile streaming challenges
  • streaming standardization

Laptops, personal digital assistants or PDA is some of the evolution as well as the popularity of the mobile device. With the fastest mobile network evolution in the last few decades  it complexibility of applications of mobiles and its services that is provided to the end consumers has possibly increased. In the communication of multimedia it is also a very spectacular kind of growth especially through the world wide web or WWW.

Multimedia Streaming Technology in 4G document can explore a few of the present technology of cellular devices, networks of mobile phones and system of multimedia and it is based on the outline of exploration including the issues for design and mobile multimedia development systems in 4G systems of mobile communication.

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The standardized streaming combination is possible with the  system of the fourth generation mobile communications along with a wide assortment of various unique services to give high quality multimedia content that can meet the demands of the mobile market which is rapidly growing.

By providing data transmission at high rates say up to 20Mbps which is more than the local and wide area coverage of a 3G technology and the 4G technology will able to give streamed as well as high quality content to the fast growing market of mobiles.

Seminar Title: Multimedia Streaming Technology in 4G Mobile Communication Systems

Mobile service standardization is being created to go beyond the challenges of multimedia streaming technology in 4G mobile communications. The standard for streaming specifies codes and protocols that address the multimedia challenges like the characteristic transmission of wireless links and the network radio access of heterogeneity as well as mobile terminals.

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The platform of interactive media is based on the standard that provides interfaces. The developers of the application can use the functions of billing and charging as well as the operations of the network as well as maintenance. The ongoing developments can concentrate on the optimization of applications of mobile contents.

Apple IOS Seminar Report

Apple IOS Seminar Report and Seminar Topic explains in detail about

  • overview of apple IOS
  • Origin of Iphone
  • Apple IOS 4

Apple is the leading brand all over the world. It has it product like iPods, iPhone, and apple laptops. They use apple operating system which is used in all its products. It is very popular all over the world. In this document we will study all about apple ios in details. We will be going through it application. It working, how it was built, and its applications.

Introduction to Apple IOS

Apple ios is based on Mac OS. It is being built on Linux platform. First this OS was implemented and designed for iPhone, but in the later years it was also implemented on iPod Touch, and iPod. There are four core layers in ios they are core OS layer, the core service layer, the media layer, and the cocoa touch layer.

 Origin of Iphone:

IOS was originally founded in the year 2003. The founder of apple believed that mobile will play a very vital role in information access. He wanted to provide the mobile phones with the best features. So that people can fined internet on cell phone, check their email, and many more thing.  In September 2005 apple came with the phone which can display images and videos. This also contained the iTunes.

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About IOS:

Developed by apple, programmed in C, C++, and objective C. belongs to family of Mac OS. Released on June 29 2007.

Features of IOS:

It provides features like messaging, calculator, you tube, Google maps, weather reports, camera, iTunes, notes, clock, settings, app store, contacts, phone book.

Development of Apple IOS:

The applications must run on iPhone and all it releases. The software development kit is made available for the iOS developers. So that they design various applications. It is multitasking, new features provided in IOS 4 are aid, game center, new Apis like calendar access, In – App sms, photo library access, video playback and capture, Map kit Improvements, quick look, and safari browser.

Optical Mouse Seminar

Optical Mouse technology Seminar Topic with Full report covers

  • Data Interface
  • Inside a Mouse
  • Inside an optical Mouse
  • Benefits of optical mouse

Computers and laptops is need of our day – to – day life. While using computers we need a mouse to go through all the processes of our computer right from selecting a file to checking the contents of a file. In this paper we will go through the use of an optical mouse. Usually people using desktops use wired mouse where as people using laptops use wireless mouse or optical mouse.

In this document we will go through the introduction to optical mouse and some other topics related to this optical mouse are data interface, how does it work, what does it contain, and benefits of optical mouse and optical technology.

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Optical technology uses optical sensors to sense the movements of a mouse or any optical device. Here optical technology is being used instead of track ball normally used in the mouse. Light pens technology refers to optical technology. They have a very quick reply as soon as the touch the device they are used for.

Optical Mouse Seminar Report free download

 Data Interface:

There is always a connectivity being required between mouse and computer this connectivity is being provided by data interface. Data interface is cable connectivity provided to build and interface between computer and mouse for communication. This data interface allows the mouse to connect to computer and send and acknowledgement back about the position of the pointer.

How do Mic Work:

Very mouse contains two important components that are the wheels inside with rectangular slots in between. There are LED’s shining through the slots. There is also transmitter placed over there which controls the voltage. One of the wheels rotate in horizontal manner whereas other wheel rotate in vertical manner.

Optical Mouse Working:

The optical mouse sensors contains LED’s . it uses CMOS sensors. CMOS transmits an image to digital signal processor based on the movements of the mouse. Benefits of optical mouse are, they are weight less, increases accuracy, works on almost all kind of surfaces, increased tracking speed.

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Meta Search Engine PPT Presentation

Introduction to Meta Search PPT Presentation:

A meta search engine is one of the system that supports access to various search engines that acts locally and it also does not have to maintain its own content on the web pages. Moreover, this is a very effective tool that enables to reach a huge portion of the web. This system is needed to be used very judiciously and cautiously. It is ideal for simple researches especially if the components to be searched are unique and distinctive.

Meta Search Engine

It is good only when you need to search using a few words. For dirty and quick searching this is the best especially when you are in a hurry and only want to note a few of the related sites. It is better to make use of individual search engines for complex searches that involve multiple search terms.

Meta Search Engine Technology:

The meta search engine technology includes techniques that can identify the real meaning of search engine and can also provide good results for a given query. It also includes several methods that can determine the pages that need to be retrieved from the chosen search engines and it also shows how the results generate from the various search engines can be reviewed and merged.

The database selector is highly responsible for sending the query of each if the users to only search engines that are useful for the failures of processing on which it can caused useless traffic network. The process of database selection can be categorized under three headings:

Approaches that are based on learning

Approaches of statistical representations

Approaches of rough representatives

The method of collection fusion helps to determine the web pages that should be retrieved from the selected search engines and it also state the method regarding how the retrieved pages should be merged to form a single list of results. 

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Seminar Report On Asynchronous Transfer Mode

Asynchronous Transfer Mode Seminar Report Over View:

Asynchronous Transfer Mode provides high performance, multiplexing technology and cell oriented switching. It utilizes the fixed length packets in order to carry the various kinds of traffic. It enables efficient applications of multimedia and high speed connection of LAN. High range networking decks are also used.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Asynchronous Transfer Mode PPT

Some of the advantages of ATM are as follows:

Compliance with the international standard

Use of dynamic bandwidth

Supporting multimedia

Speed scalability

Network size

WAN architecture

Simplification opportunities via the VC architecture

ATM classes of service include:

Available bit rate

Unspecified bit rate

Constant bit rate

Variable bit rate

The technical parameters of ATM include:

Burst tolerance

Sustaining the rate of cell

Rate of the peak cell

Variation in the delay of cell

Delay in transfer of cell

Loss ratio of cell

There are two standards for ATM networking and it includes:

Public network-to-network interface

Broadband interface

It provides service from end-to-end.

A standard ATM is interworking between the frame relay and ATM.

These are set of specification that provide a stable framework for ATM.

Schemes of data insertion

The traffic of interrouter specifies the function of RFC1483 which is encapsulated.

LANEMPOA supports the use of ATM SVCs.

Voice and video adaptation schemes-nit provides efficient traffic that does not break the natural system like that of the circuit that helps in carrying the bits at a perfect rate.

Two modes can occur with the coding of MPEG2:

Program streams that varies in packet length and carry multiple as well as single programs.

Transport streams include 188 byte packets which consist of several programs.

MPEG2 is used for the insertion of time stamps during the process of multiplexing and encoding in order to make more perfect use of the resources of the networking. To free the bandwidth various techniques of dynamic compression as well as alleviated congestions are used.

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Dealing Data From Sensors Network PPT Presentation

Dealing Data From Sensors Network PPT Presentation OverView:

A sensor network can communicate and collect the data string continuously to the database. The term real life application means monitoring the physical phenomena like concentration of contaminants, climate, structures of building earthquake responses and others. It functions like black boxes that can record the data,  its diagnostic and performance as well as history. For example: computers, cell phone and vehicles.

The technique of data gathering use the network primitives techniques of cleaning the data like querying about noise data, cleaning of noisy data, discovering the outlines and handling data that are incomplete due the erroneous sensors and missing values.

There are certain limitations like:

Low battery life

The capabilities of processing and storing enforce the handling of special data algorithms and architectures for streams of sensor data that incorporate explicitly these constraint resources. Sensors can construct and maintain a local consistent, view of its neighborhood. There are two approaches for in-network aggregation: TAG or tiny aggregation service for sensor network ad hoc. It includes aggregation for monitoring the wireless network sensors.

Query network

Distribution phase. To each and every node in the network the query is distributed and a tree that is rooted at the base parents. In the collection phase the parents gather data from their children at specific period of time intervals.

The process of routing enables to deliver the requests of query to every individual node. It provides from every node, one or two routes to the base root. Specifically it uses a based tree for the rating where only one route is not the root. TAG reduces dramatically and in turn lead to decreases in the communication process and also yields reduction in the order of magnitude from the aspect of the cost of communication in comparison to the centralized approach. There are many common networks in the sensors like link asymmetry and heavy packet loss.

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Personal Wireless Broadband Services PPT Presentation

Wireless Broad Band Services provides a more bandwidth for the transmission of data in contrast to the standard service of the telephone. ISDN, xDSL, B-ISDN and ATM are some of the involved technologies. The quality of service depends on a number of factors like integrity, privacy, security, cost and integration.

Wireless Broadband Services
Wireless Broadband Services PPT

History of wireless broadband services:

The presence of a phone network that is totally inefficient.

Using pure analog systems that are prone to noise and breakdown.

Data transmission over a long distance was very irritating.

Conversion of internal connection to the packet based and digital switching system, the telephone system gradually started. ISDN is an integrated digital network where the same switches and digital paths are used to incorporate various services like data and telephony. Data, permits voice, text, music, graphics, video and other material sources of transmission over the telephone wires that are already existing.


Smooth migration

Support multiplexed

Carry voice, images, data and videos.

Tariffs that are related to costs



Competitive functions separation

Leased services

Advantages of ISDN are as follows:

It provides high quality sound and database

It allows several devices to share a single line

Simultaneous data and voice transmission

Digital calls over the telephone connection free from the background noises

Advanced features like call waiting, call hold, and caller ID are also available.

It also has some of the drawbacks like:

Cost of wiring

Limited availability is more costly that the analog service

More costly service charges

DSL is also called digital subscriber line and it is often jot down as Xdsl. the X stands for S, I, A, V, RA and H. Megabits capacity is available in hundreds. Cable modems make use of coaxial cable that helps in providing various channels. Simplicity is the only drawback of this system ad they works only in a single downstream direction.

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Global Positioning System PPT Presentation

The Global Positioning System travel framework not just can demonstrate to you the area, the time, the separation, at the same time even advise you flawlessly what turns to make to get where you need to go! You are gaining a correct depiction to get where you are going and speedily getting to your goal, and the most best alternate route systems plausible, for the reason that your guide project can measure the ideal contrariety between current and your craved object and can indicate each and every way and pilot the most brief street to the specific area.

Global Positioning System
Global Positioning System PPT Presentation

Getting missed out on the heightened ways could be averted by the worldwide positioning framework travel framework and additionally this framework will recovery you structure making wrong turn. With the assistance of GPS travel the most quick section taken to achieve a goal is continuously lord.

There are numerous livens to have a Global Positioning System unit in your vehicle. Most folks will consistently not enable a GPS framework into their vehicles resulting from the fact that the terror of engineering. With a little hone and utilize of this unit you will have the hang of it and ever so happy you chose to use GPS in your driving interaction.

Versatile correspondence built the best indicates for dispatchers to convey to folks moving. They likewise help timetable time keeping and incite work portions, to the convey a little or hefty product of assets, collector apparatuses and redesigns. Business(es) can advise client scratch-offs, and constantly enhance their lineups according to every last trace of the plentiful updates.

Assuming that you such as to recovery gas you may as well recollect that a considerable number of a little makes a nickel, this implies a drop of safeguarded fuel can recovery loads of fuel as time marches onward. When you are consistently taking the short track then you are sparing heaps of kilometers and with each kilometer you are recovering heaps of oil so when you are recovering a loads of oil then you are sparing heaps of cash.

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Integer and Polynomial Arithmetic Technical PPT Presentation

Arithmetic of Integer and Polynomial overview:

Non-negative whole number and univariate polynomial could be acted for as a limited power arrangement. A large number of the equations for controlling number and univariate polynomials are basically indistinguishable.

integer and polynomial arithmetic
integer and polynomial arithmetic

Indistinguishable contrivances could be perceived if there should arise an occurrence of increase, division, discovering GCD, particular math, figuring out build-ups, and so forth. To include two or more polynomials, again, joining the like terms ability assists a mess.

Assuming that you are great at consolidating the like terms then including polynomials is a bit of pie for you. When issue requests that you include two or more polynomials, unequivocally gather the comparable terms and add or subtract them as per the whole number governs.

Think about we have a monomial “3x” and a trinomial “4x + 2y-1” and we need to include them as a single unit. We have two choices to include the given polynomials which are comparable to straightforward number-crunching augmentation, consequently, we can include them vertically or we can include them on a level plane.

The prominent mathematician Gauss, who is recognized as one of the most amazing in history has cited “arithmetic is the ruler of sciences and number speculation is the ruler of arithmetic.” Several essential findings of Elementary Number Theory for example Fermat’s small theorem, Euler’s theorem, the Chinese theorem are dependent upon straightforward number juggling of remnants.

Integral Reciprocal:

Depending on if you end up essential performing wears back rub procedures on your customers because of managed sports damages, you may as well be acquainted with complementary hindrance extending standards. Corresponding hindrance is essentially a system utilized by back rub therapists to treat muscle issues.

Our forms are extensively keen, and respond to certain scenarios to safeguard our health. Every muscle has a contradicting muscle that responds appropriately to the movement of the different; when a muscle contracts, its combine will unwind to oblige the withdrawal. This mechanical brawny reaction happens immediately to anticipate harm to the contracting muscle, and help it unwind briskly.

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