Apple IOS Seminar Report

Apple IOS Seminar Report and Seminar Topic explains in detail about

  • overview of apple IOS
  • Origin of Iphone
  • Apple IOS 4

Apple is the leading brand all over the world. It has it product like iPods, iPhone, and apple laptops. They use apple operating system which is used in all its products. It is very popular all over the world. In this document we will study all about apple ios in details. We will be going through it application. It working, how it was built, and its applications.

Introduction to Apple IOS

Apple ios is based on Mac OS. It is being built on Linux platform. First this OS was implemented and designed for iPhone, but in the later years it was also implemented on iPod Touch, and iPod. There are four core layers in ios they are core OS layer, the core service layer, the media layer, and the cocoa touch layer.

 Origin of Iphone:

IOS was originally founded in the year 2003. The founder of apple believed that mobile will play a very vital role in information access. He wanted to provide the mobile phones with the best features. So that people can fined internet on cell phone, check their email, and many more thing.  In September 2005 apple came with the phone which can display images and videos. This also contained the iTunes.

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About IOS:

Developed by apple, programmed in C, C++, and objective C. belongs to family of Mac OS. Released on June 29 2007.

Features of IOS:

It provides features like messaging, calculator, you tube, Google maps, weather reports, camera, iTunes, notes, clock, settings, app store, contacts, phone book.

Development of Apple IOS:

The applications must run on iPhone and all it releases. The software development kit is made available for the iOS developers. So that they design various applications. It is multitasking, new features provided in IOS 4 are aid, game center, new Apis like calendar access, In – App sms, photo library access, video playback and capture, Map kit Improvements, quick look, and safari browser.

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