Human Resource Database Management System Database Design

Human Resource Database ManagementHuman Resource Database Management System Database Design HRMS Project is based on the database used to manage the data of the employees their records, salaries, departments, workgroup etc. The system which are going to develop must be accurate, reliable, every module must be well managed and properly working. There should no problem of data redundancy. It must manage the memory efficiently.The system must be user friendly and user must not have any problem while accessing the system.

Human Resource Database Management System HRMS Requirements:

We can create these system java net beans and we can oracle database or SQL. We need to setup our computer configuration for application development. We need to have Windows 2000/XP. The application must work on user authentication. It must ask for username and password on starting. There should no option for the guest login.

As we are using JAVA for development of this system so our application will lot of features like exception handling. It supports multiple users and handles the data very efficiently. It is compatible with almost all the operation systems and they are very easy for setup. They are platform independent write here run anywhere. We need to have various drivers for making connection with the database.

When we are developing such application we also need to look after time used, so it is necessary for selection of better application developer. Our application is developed in the java so it provide the features like data abstraction, encapsulation, everything is used as object and everything is done inside the class.As we all know that object oriented is the powerful tool for creating any application.

Human Resource Database Management System Database Design

HRMS application Development Phases:

Usually application development is divided in to four phases. First analysis what we need then design the structure then coding of the application and at last testing of the application. If our application passes the testing then we have successfully created our application.

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