Real Time Processing of ECG Signal on Mobile Embedded Monitoring Stations .Net Project

This document shows the problem that is faced with the processing of the teal time of the EGC signal from the end of the patients who are embedded with the mobile monitoring system. Usually two ECG measurement systems are used in the tests and a two ECG corbel along with a 12 channel ECG device issued. Both the products as well as the devices belong from the Corscience company. Because of the processing problem a 12 channel ECG from the device through the Bluetooth to the mobile stations, the packet parsing problem was discussed and it leads to two solutions.

Another portion of the processing of the biomedical data is visualized. Another presentation of the window presentation foundation solution was made and tested. Monitoring systems that are embedded on the mobile device are based on the wide mobile operating system that is designed by the Microsoft company.

On the basis of the. Net framework the entire system is designed and at the  same time it is also based on the .NET Micro Framework, .NET Compact Framework and Microsoft SQL Server. In the real environment in the room if cryogenic that is at the -136 degree centigrade the project is tested successfully.

In the extreme conditions the devices that are used for measuring are tested and it includes rigorous testings in a crogen room in a spa Czech republic. The platforms that were developed passed through In sense testings with high credibility of data that is measured for the physicians.  Further these experimental data will be used by the physicians to make recommendations for the heart patients who are kept in the cryogenic chamber for healing purposes. By a certain percent in these kind of situations the recovery time can be shortened. This is a better procedure which also reduces the time taken for the treatment. 

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