Library Management System Project

Project Title :

Library Management System

Project Abstract:

The main of Library Management application is to keep the book in the proper format with its complete details including Author and the person who is issuing this book. Everything is managed from the database. We need to maintain the book cost and to check whether the books are available on the library or not.

Description on Project Working:

If the book is not available in the library then it should be removed from the data base. Students are provided with the 2 or 3 cards for the book. They can issue the book for 14 days and after they have to pay the fine per day rupee one. If the student lost the book he has to purchase the same book and submit to the library.

For the staff also they are given 3 cards and they also have same rule as per the students. This whole process in manually, we need to develop the fully automatic library that enables the user to search for the relevant book and they can also who have which book. We need to computers in the library so that user can access to online books. We need to bar code scanner, so the student just scans the code and the book will be issued.

The computers used in the library must be connected to each other via LAN at the speed of 10MBps. The student needs to enter his rollno and the details of the book. We can also add new feature of member ship in the library in the starting of the year, they can become the member and they will be issued the number to run this software. After they just need to enter the book number and their roll no and the book will be issued.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

Hardware requirement :

  • OS:Window 7
  • Hard Drive: 40GB
  • RAM: 256 MB

Software requirement :

  • Java language
  • Net beans IDE 7.0.1
  • MS SQL server 2005

IT Project Process Management Java Project Documentation

IT Project Process ManagementIT Project process management is the project that is used to track the various IT projects and scan it and search for the solutions. This is used to monitor the complete project, documents, project source codes, name and other details of the project. This system works on three phase project initiation, Windup stage and regular mode.

The existing project management system that is developed in that user can update it details manually whenever he requires. They need to inform the group leader to make changes in the project or details. These systems have one problem that whole data is stored in MS-Excel, means each and every data is stored manually and they are not safe and each and every calculation is done manually. This consumes lot of time.

We need to develop new application that will be based on the database and they are more, fast, safe and secure than manual operations. It will the task easy, data will be secured so the general can’t manipulate the data. This will be based on the different modules:

Modules in IT Project Process Management Project:

login screen: it is the authentication of the employee with username and password; other user can’t access the system.

Add/update/delete projects: in this you can add your project, with name, your employee number, start and ending date of the project. You can delete the existing project. You can update your documents.

 Status report: you can track the current status of the reports with all the details. It will show all the completed documents, pending documents, with start dates and employee details.

To develop this application we will use JSP that is the part of the Java. We will MY SQL as the database and tomcat server that is used to run our application or you can say that it is PC based server.

Intra Communication Software Documentation

Intra Communication Software project application Documentation is designed with the help of the Java. It is used by the professional programmers to making applications using applets and servlets.  They are robust and secure. They provide programming features like object, encapsulation, abstraction, multi-threading, inheritance, polymorphism etc. they use servlet that is its own java server or you can say that it is the part of the java server. It helps in creating online applications. They provide GUI environment that makes the development of the application more attractive.

Modules in Intra Communication Software:

Admin module: it used for the control of the all the operations, give permission, or remove permissions. We can add any user or remove any user. We can send any messages to the users. We can access the data of the application.

User module: this is developed for the users who can do operations to his profile or create chat rooms, do conferencing with the other users. He can add other user to his profile and talk to them and check whether they are online or not.

Conference module: this module is used by the administrator to develop the chat rooms and they can check the chat rooms which are currently available.

Reports module: this module gather all the data from different modules and present the report on that. This module can be accessed by the administrator only.

Intra Communication System Activity Diagram:

Intra Communication Software Activity diagram

To develop this application we will use Java Scripts, html for coding and the coding can be done in the My Eclipse IDE. To run this Intra Communication application we need tomcat server in our system. To manage whole data of the application we need to use Oracle database, this will keep whole data safe and well managed. Our system must have at least RAM of 256MB to run all these software’s.

Contents in Intra Communication Software Documentation:

  • Abstract
  • ER Diagrams
  • UML Diagrams
  • Database design
  • Class Diagram
  • Sequence Diagram

Internet Banking System Project

Internet Banking SystemInternet Banking System Project is the application that used for dealing bank work by seating at home, or telephone banking. In this we access all the information about the bank that a bank computer can have. In case of telephone banking you can give appropriate instruction to the bank to handle your account on telephone.To access these feature you must be registered then only you will have your username and password.

If you don’t have username and password you can access your account. These online features are available 24 hours. You can check your balance, last transaction, print statements, purchase anything and pay directly from your account with the help of credit card. Now you don’t need to look for working hours of the bank and go the bank.

With this facility user don’t need to go outside the home and he can transfer the money from one account to other account. They are very helpful for the business man who doesn’t have time to go to the bank.

Internet Banking System Project Requirements:

This application can be developed in the JAVA servlets JSP. It is based on the J2EE standard. They are nice programming languages based on the object oriented and they are extremely platform independent. You can develop GUI environment in Net Beans IDE of JAVA. This can be installed in many operating system line MAC OS, Linux etc.

We have to use tom cat server for running our application. Tomcat is the offline computer based server that is used to test the application. To manage the account details properly we have to use SQL database. It is the application that is used to store the data, they are very secure. You can insert data, view data, delete data, select data, or even you can calculate the data in the database.

IIT Project on Intelligent Railway System with Full Report

Intelligent Railway System Project is used to manage trains tickets and provide them to the users. It has many things that should be kept in the mind. This application is based on the online and they are connecting with the servers all the time and they have large databases at the server’s side which cannot be access directly.

They are completely developed in the java as they provide features like object oriented. This system can be accessed by the admin only. Database is managed according to the city and stations. Every train has its own details like name, source station, destination station, time and days. It also provides feature to the administrator that he can add new trains, cities to the database. Everything is managed with the GUI interface. Students can also refer to Intelligent Train Project Documentation

Intelligent Railway System Database Design:

Intelligent Railway System Project

Database Design for train

Intelligent Railway System Project Modules Description:

Administrator can modify or delete existing stations. The database must be updated every time and automatically as the train timing are not fixed. For this special tool is designed that will update automatically with the help of internet portal. All the station that are added to the database must be connected to each other see that whether to that station can be reached directly or not.

This Intelligent Railway application also provides user query room. This panel will handle the client query about the trains. They need to enter the train name or train number, after that they have complete information about the train with arrival time and reaching time, fare price to particular station, stoppages.

Next panel is to decide the route which user want, check whether direct trains are available or not, or he need to change trains to reach the destinations. User can set his preference what station he wants to go and also decide the trains that have least stoppage time.

Also Refer: Intelligent Railway Information System Project

Implementing And Validating Environmental And Health Java Project

Implementing And Validating Environmental And Health Java ProjectImplementing And Validating Environmental And Health Java Project is the application that is developed for the health care and solutions. It is developed in the JSP that is JAVA based and it will use SQL as back end or you can say for data base. We need computer that have at least Pentium IV processor with 512 MB RAM and it should have 40GB hard disk. It will work on four modules admin, patient, user and general user.

Modules of the Environmental And Health Java Project:

Admin: this is developed for the admin who will have its username and password to log in to the site. Every doctor will have its own IDs and password. After login in to the site the main frame of the application will appear. In this form they have their present appointments, prescriptions or any recommendation for the patient that need to be shifted to the other hospitals.

Patients: this module is for keeping the patient database that is connected to the servers. This form maintains the details of the patients that are new admitted and then it is transferred to the doctor computers.

User: this panel is for person who registered here for the first time. This will store the information of the users including phone number, address etc. after the details user is provided with login ID so the user can login in to site for any medical health. They will found the doctors according to the categories like skin, child care, heart etc. after that user can fix appointment with any doctor according to its requirement.

General user: this is made for them who are not registered in that site, so they will only have general information about the doctors. They can view the general medical tips and if they want they can register themselves to this site.

Human Resource Database Management System Database Design

Human Resource Database ManagementHuman Resource Database Management System Database Design HRMS Project is based on the database used to manage the data of the employees their records, salaries, departments, workgroup etc. The system which are going to develop must be accurate, reliable, every module must be well managed and properly working. There should no problem of data redundancy. It must manage the memory efficiently.The system must be user friendly and user must not have any problem while accessing the system.

Human Resource Database Management System HRMS Requirements:

We can create these system java net beans and we can oracle database or SQL. We need to setup our computer configuration for application development. We need to have Windows 2000/XP. The application must work on user authentication. It must ask for username and password on starting. There should no option for the guest login.

As we are using JAVA for development of this system so our application will lot of features like exception handling. It supports multiple users and handles the data very efficiently. It is compatible with almost all the operation systems and they are very easy for setup. They are platform independent write here run anywhere. We need to have various drivers for making connection with the database.

When we are developing such application we also need to look after time used, so it is necessary for selection of better application developer. Our application is developed in the java so it provide the features like data abstraction, encapsulation, everything is used as object and everything is done inside the class.As we all know that object oriented is the powerful tool for creating any application.

Human Resource Database Management System Database Design

HRMS application Development Phases:

Usually application development is divided in to four phases. First analysis what we need then design the structure then coding of the application and at last testing of the application. If our application passes the testing then we have successfully created our application.

Hospital Management System Modules

Hospital Management System ModulesThis Hospital Management System application will deal the management of the hospitals doctors, ward members, ward boys, servants etc. this application will have various modules like welcome screen then login screen, the main interface, with application interface, doctor interface services provided, ward interfaces and employee interface. Different interface will manage different steps like login interface will ask for administrator authentication.

Then there will doctor interface that will be used to put the records of the doctor working currently and who joined newly. Next will the employee panel, it will maintain the records of the all the employee that are working in different department. Ward interface will manage the ward member etc.These will the best way to manage the hospital management and other related stuff.

Hospital Management System Module Description:

Everything is stored in the data base directly and access from the data base. Data base different tables for different modules and store the data properly. It can use any data base that is safe and secure like oracle or MySQL. They are very safe as only those can login in to the application those have username and password. Once you registered yourself you will be satisfied with the work and features it provides as everything here in the application is very safe. Application cannot be deleted or it cannot be corrupt.These applications are developed by the professional engineers, these applications are very much user friendly and they use easy terms so it can be understand by any user easily. Each and every is designed properly and serves it purpose.

Hospital Management Class Diagram:

hospital management class diagram

This application mainly works on database. If in case database got affected then the whole system will get affected and it might create the serious problems in the management.

Global Counseling System MCA Java Project Documentation

Introduction to Global Counseling System Java Project:

Global Counseling System Application is the tool that is used to maintaining the resource of the global system and the necessary information. It has more capabilities than any storage system. It also helps in managing the various users.

These systems provide proper report and the only thing what you exactly need. These have the features to store the information of the users, their history or past and present what they are doing, everything is categorized in that system and they can also remove any user from those systems if they need to that. They have got the right to delete, add or modify the global data. They define all the data and the departments and adjust them very well then they add any new employee.You can also add new department or new field or new categories.

Present systems that are used are proper they are not developed efficiently. They store data in the table like excel sheet. That makes the data compact and impossible to search from many. For that we have to make new system that have database based on the query and that categories the data. This will remove the data complexity and data will be user friendly.

Global Counseling System Modules:

admin:this will control the entire application, it will add, delete, or modify like features.

Guide: its function is to answer the query.

Members:  they can create exams and place the query to the form and display the merit list.

User module: to need to have username and password to log in to the account.

You need system that has at least 256MB and 20GB hard disk with Windows XP installed on the computer. You can do coding in the HTML and JAVA with using JAVASCRIPT and SQL as a database.