Feedback Analysis of Interview Java Project


Feedback analysis of interview is an application which provides an easy way to analyze the interview process in college. In this application all the details of new companies will be added. So that, students can easily finds the details of the companies. Seniors will add questions with answers which can guide their juniors for their interviews. This Feedback Analysis of Interview application allows seniors and juniors an easy way to prepare for the interview. Faculty can view all the questions added by seniors and they can make modification if necessary. In this application faculty, seniors and juniors can share question regarding the interview.

Existing System:

In the existing system students have no proper details about various companies. It is very default to collect all the details of companies and store the details. Students have no information about the questions asked in the interview. They need a direct communication with their seniors and faculty which is not possible every time. Even the collected data may be mislaid or misplaced sometime.

Proposed System:

The proposed Feedback Analysis of Interview provides all the services online available to all the students and faculty. Student can view all the information about the companies and the related questions asked in the interview. This provides an updated system which provides information about questions and answers asked in the interview. Seniors, juniors and faculty can view the details of the questions and company details.



Admin can get login with a valid username and password. Admin will add new companies in the application.


This module need to get register with the application and can get login with a unique username and password. Senior will add new questions in the application and view the questions.


Junior can register and login by entering unique username and password. Junior can view all the companies added by admin.


Faculty need to register by entering all the details and get login by entering a valid username and password. Faculty can view all the questions added by senior and make modifications if needed.

Software Requirements:

Operating System : Windows
Application Server : Tomcat
Front End : HTML, Java, Jsp
Scripts : JavaScript.
Server side Script : Java Server Pages.
Database : Mysql
Database Connectivity : JDBC.


Our project feedback analysis of interview provides an easy way to view the details of the companies and learn the frequently asked questions in the interviews. Students can save their time in searching the interview questions and prepare for the interview. They can view details of the companies by just one click which saves lot of time.

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