Customer Support Service Operations Synopsis

Project Title:  Customer Support Service Operations

Category: Application Development, Enterprise.

The goal of the project entitled “Customer Support Service Operations” is to report and track the problems that have occurred in the system. This application is used in many areas and report back the error to the administrator. The administrator will check the error and sends a report to the vendor regards the generated errors.

The user in different locations sent their complaints to the administrator giving the complaint, type, date/time of occurrence of the problem and their location. These details are stored in the inbox of the administrator. The administrator checks the complaint. The service charge is free until the guarantee period expires.

Users can complain at any time to the administrator and he in turn reports to the vendor.

MNZ is a distribution company dealing in electronic testing and measurement equipment. Every time a customer calls into log in a problem with respect to one of the product purchased from MNZ, there is an opportunity to retain that customer forever providing fast, responsive and effective customer support. MNZ deals with different types of products such as process control, material testing and heat sensing.

The starting cycle for customer support is installed. When a product is installed it gets an installation ID. With this, the client would interact with MNZ. When a client calls the customer support division to register a complaint they quote their ID. Then this call is assigned any CSE who is available in the office, if not the call is assigned to nearest CSE with I the client location. CSE’s are expected to provide the customer support within a period of time.

If for a specific service call, spare parts are required then CSE will go to MNZ stores and fill in the spare request form. This form will quote the installation number with client/site and product details and specify the part number for the specific spares of the product. If the product is under warranty, then spares are supplied without charging anything extra.

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