Online Property Sale Java Project


Online property sale is a project which develops automates the activities of sales business. Online property sale deals with the processes of sales and the  properties of the a real estate agency. This system  allows  to access the information and to perform various operations.


Online property sale is a java based web application. This Online Property Sale Java Project provides a website to the users to access the information about the property to be purchased. This system maintains a centralized repository of all the information.

This system is an online  real estate management through which individuals agents or buyers can maintains their property documents by keeping and managing the property registration. This system also allows access to its information and manages  all the adding, updating and deleting the tasks.

This system organizes the data efficiently and this helps in streamlining the data display to the users. The system also allows the generation of reports based on different criteria.


The main objective of this Online Property Sale Java Project is to provide access to the information about real estate agency. This project keep track of account details of buyer and investors. This project allows companies and builders to post and edit the properties of the information about real estate agency.


Administrator module:

Administrator manages the entire application. Administrator can add, delete, edit and view plot and property details. Administrator communicates with potential customers and manages all transactions. Administrator also manages employee details working with the organization.

User module: 

A user can view the property details on display. A user can also make payments through Demand Draft and view the corresponding details.

Sales module:

This module tracks and records details of each transaction. The details allow administrator to find the status of each property. The data can also be viewed by users.


The system allows administrator to generate various reports based on different criteria such as customer data, sales data and property information.

Software Requirements:

Web Presentation                         :           HTML, CSS

Client – side Scripting                   :           JavaScript

Programming Language               :           Java

Web based Technologies              :           Servlets, JSP

Database Connectivity                  :           JDBC

Java Version                                  :           JDK1.6

Backend Database                        :           MySQL 5.0

Operating System                         :           Windows XP/2000/2003, LINUX

Web Server                                   :           Tomcat 5.5 / 6.0

Browser                                         :           IE/Mozilla

Utility Bill Payment Collection Center Java Project


Utility bill payment collection center is a java project where users can get pay bills online via credit card. This system automates the conventional process of paying the utility bills. By using this system users don’t have visit the office for bill payment.


This utility bill payment project is a web based java application. Users can pay their bill through Cash, Cheaque or DD from anywhere and anytime. Those bills like electricity, water & telephone bills can be paid.

This project would be having two logins, admin and user login. Admin can view user account details and can even add or updates things in their account. Admin has to feed the system with electricity usage data into respective users account.

All the process in this system will be partially computerized to make the process of payment mare easier. On the other side  government is planning to  introduce a online portal where the customer will  have the luxury of paying their  bills at their convenience through Internet .

Users will be provided by unique username and password. Users can pay utility bill at anytime once they are registered to the site.


The main objective of this Utility Bill Payment Collection Center project is to manage online process where people can pay the utility bill easily. To provide easy , fast and accurate service to the users in bill payment.



Administrator should be able to add/edit users give roles and permissions.

Operator/System User:

Operator/System user should be able to login, collect bills and operate on bill records to insert on centralized server based on authorization key . Based on the Department & customer id selection, system should pull out form from the department server and should show if any outstanding exists. Operator should have only insert new transaction permission.


Supervisor should have add and edit permissions so that in case of mistake he can rectify it easily.

Center Manager:

Center manager should have permission to view reports in addition to  Supervisor permissions

External Auditor:

External Auditor should have permission to see all transactions along with details and log files. There should be provision to receive advance payment from the customer.

Social Networking Site For Social Responsibility


Social networking site is a Java based project which allows people to communicate, share ideas, activities, events with in the network. This system focuses on online communication. This system allows the users to promote social responsibilities like traffic rules, public hygiene, aversion ect,.


Social networking site is a well established web based final year project. This is developed to provide a website for people to communicate. people who wants to share their ideas and give their views  for creating social awareness can use this application.

Social networking site allows  users to create profiles, share the information with friends. they can create the growing network information. Users once registered can establish their views about social responsibilities and made publicly as well.

This site provides a common platform for people of Indian where they can perform many activities related social responsibilities. like voice out violations, injustice, inhumanity, corruption happening in their vicinity and provides online debate or discussion on  certain topics of broad applicability. The site can provide various measures for fellow citizens to rate, control and monitor the social responsibility of individual.


The objective of this Social Networking Site For Social Responsibility project is to explain and elaborate the concept of social networking by providing reliable and efficient communication among people on network. To provide attractive and secure access to the users. To make the application user-friendly.



Admin can  view  users, delete users, delete comments. Admin can handle this website.

2. Citizen :

Citizen can register with this site. citizen  can talk about social responsibilities to make aware among the other users. They can get scoring  based on the messages they send. They can invite the friends, view the friends, edit their profile.


NGO also register with this site. They take Action for the situation they see in the scraps.

Paperless Hospital Service Java Project


Paperless Hospital Service is a system which is to register and store patient details/doctor details and retrieve these details automatically. In this project the data will be entered in electronic format by anesthetists in the hospital. This automatic updating process saves lot of time, work and gets information within no time.


Paperless hospital system is a java based project  used to computerize the front office management of hospital automatically. This project deals with the collection of patient’s information, diagnosis details. while the system output is to get these details on to the monitor when required by the management, and also to manipulate these details meaningfully.

This system gives a unique id for every patient and stores the details of every patient and the staff automatically. User can search availability of a doctor and the details of a patient using the id. In this system user can be entered using a username and password. It is accessible either by an administrator or receptionist only they can add data into the database.

By using this Paperless Hospital Service there would be no delay in transforming the medical records of the patient to the doctor. Information can be shared easily. This system provides high level security, data modification present in the database will be difficult.


The main objective of this paperless hospital management java based project is to leverage the paperless service where patients need not do any paperwork while admitting the hospital. To provide patient and doctors a automated service which saves lot of time. to develop software which is user friendly, simple, fast, and cost – effective.



Patient will go to the hospital and get admitted by giving their information to the admitting clerk. If patient is in serious state, relative will help in giving information about the patient to the admitting clerk. If the incoming patient is new, then admitting clerk will create a new record in Web portal and store the patient information by collecting all necessary details and also about health history.

Admitting Clerk:

Admitting clerk will assign the in-coming patient record to the department of admin and direct the Patient to meet the department of admin.

Department Admin:

              Department Admin will assign the patient to the respective department like ENT, ICU, surgery, etc and also will assign doctors/nurses who will be responsible to treat the patient.


Doctor will get patient information by querying on patient ID and will conduct series of tests and will update their test report along with comments in the Application.

Billing Department:

Billing Department will calculate the expense and will be responsible to verify if patient has insurance policy, if so then they will open a secure session to charge the cost to insurance providers, If patient doesn’t have insurance policy, Then he must pay either in cash or cash.

Healthcare Insurance Providers:

Insurance Providers will verify the claim and will confirm whether the insurance Id and policy coverage is valid or not.

Order Management System Java Project


Order management system is developed to maintain  the orders using web, electronic forms and do the processing of the received orders. Orders can be received from business, customers ,or may be both depending on the product.


Order managing system is a web based java application which is used to order entry and processing the order. This may reduce the paper and printing and distribution work which saves lot of time.

To manage all the orders in a proper way this system will be done via catalogs and websites. Customer will be given a username and password. Customer will get a reference number which is given to check the customer identity. Permanent id will be given after proper identification. Customer can place the order after the registration with his unique username and password.

Customer can get all the details about the product and he can give the order to a product online so that the customer can take a right choice. A SMS can be sent to the customer on the request to track the order. Order once placed can  pass through many phases till it finally reaches the customer. At any point customer can check the status of the order online or over phone with the reference number.


The main objective of this Order Management System Java Project is to order products using web. To keep all the records in electronic forms. To execute the order in an efficient and secured manner. To provide friendly environment to the customer. To provide high level priority to the data redundancy.



Administrator should be able to add/edit users give roles and permissions.


Customer should be able to login and check the status of exactly where his order is. Customer should be able to return the order if its damaged.

Stores operator / Picker:

Stores operator/Picker should be able to see all the stores order records but should be able to modify only status of items to be picked.


Packer should be able to see all the picked order records but should be able to modify only status of items assigned to be packed by him.


Shipper should be able to see all the packed order records but should be able to modify only the status of items assigned to be shipped by him. Shipper will call operator and update about shipped status or he will come back to store and update it online.

Online Grivarence Reddressal System Java Project


Grivarence reddressal is a management and governance related process. This system is online interface for citizens to communicate with administrative body and reduce the distance and time barrier between citizens and administration.


Online Grivarence Reddressal System is a Java Project which is created to bring transparency and flexibility in the administration system. This system is a online platform where people can share ideas, invoke discussion, issue complaints and create suggestion/petitions for the improvement of the city administration. This application is a automated process which is a user-friendly online interface for the citizens.

This Java application allows online communication with the administrator body. This application provides online platform where people can share ideas, invoke discussion, issue complaints, create suggestion/petitions for improvement of city administration    It will create a online platform where people can share ideas, invoke discussions, issue complaints, create suggestions for improvement of city administration


The main objective of this online grivarence reddressal system is it provide an online interface between the citizens and the administrator. This system also encourages the users  to bring transparency and flexibility in system.


Administration Module: Creates and monitors accounts of authorities. Filters the content reported as handle threats. Handle complaints about improper response by municipal authorities.

Citizen Module: User should be able to create new account, log in to their existing  accounts which will give them the authority to use the services provided by the system. Authenticated users should be able to issue complaints check complaint status, submit feedback browser through other complaints and their feedback. Authenticated users should be able to create suggestion/petitions, other users can support or make suggestions for petitions forward petitions to corresponding authority for possible implementation.

Officer Module: Officer authorities can log-in to their accounts as created by administrator. Authorities can access all the complaints, suggestion form user. Invoke proper activity in Response to valid complaints, or redirect inappropriate complaints to the administrator. Give response to complaints with activity reports.

NGOs Module: NGO can form user groups similar to other users. NGO’s can publicize their Social causes on the site.

Software requirements:

Technology                          :           J2SE & J2EE

Web technology                  :           HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Web Server                         :           Tomcat5.5

Java Version                        :           JDK 1.6

Backend Database              :           Oracle 10g

Back to My Village .Net Project

Back to my village is a .Net project which is a charity group of professionals for those users who want to voluntarily contribute for the development of their village/town’s. In this project issues like primary education, people’s health, government policies awareness and availability of basic facilities/infrastructure are on main focus among others.

This .Net project is a web based project. Main aim of this Final Year project is to develop voluntarily help to village/town’s. Depending on website a  group want to help their members collaborate, to plan and implement different activities and learn with others  experience/feedbacks/ suggestions. Group also wants to encourage others to join their initiatives and recognize their contributions.

This .Net Web application is fully integrated with customer relationship management(CRM) solution and developed in a manner that is easily manageable, time saving and relieving one form semi automated.

In this project users will register to the website. They will upload all the information necessary regarding the application. Users of this application will gather all the requirement os the village or town to be developed in this site. This information will be viewed by everyone who are registered with this website. They can give their views about the development.

Range of expertise:

  • Software Development Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Product Development
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Consulting
  • IT Outsourcing


The system after careful analysis has been identified to be presented with the following modules:

  1. Web Administration
  2. Group Member
  3. Anonymous Users
  4. Member Communications
  5. Registration.
  6. Search
  7. Reports
  8. Authentication

Mobile Bill Payment Application .Net Project

Mobile bill payment is an application which is introduced to assist mobile phone users to access the information of bills from anywhere and anytime. Mobile bill payment system fulfills the requirements of people. Present fast growing technology made man very busy and he can’t wait waste his time in standing in queues for paying the bills.

In many government sectors we need to pay the bill by standing in queue for long time. So lot of time is being wasted. Not only form employees or business people even for home makers also it is difficult to pay the bill. They stay in the house and need to pay any bill which is so far from their house. They can’t spend their time in paying the bill.

This mobile bill payment application can overcome all these problems by providing online services. This application allows people of different sectors to pay their bills without any strain and without any waste of time. This system provides all the information regarding the payment.

Users who need to pay the bills need to register with this application. They are provided with a username and password. All types of government and private sectors are linked up with our application. So user’s fine using this system easy. They can edit their account, make transactions, see all the updates and even set the remainder also.

This application makes the work easier. Users can pay the bills almost from anywhere and at anytime in short period of time. User can be able to see the information of his pending bills at any critical situations. All the information of the users will be maintained by admin.Providing users reliable and accurate information is the main goal of this application.In order to make this requirement successful our application serves users anytime and anywhere without breakdowns. With this application on a mobile phone work will be done just in one click. User can be able to pay his bills and get all the information requested with least difficulty and mental strain.

Mobile bill payment application provides these services:

  • Information confidentiality
  • Rapid and reliable access to information
  • Information accuracy
  • Manageability
  • Costs


  • Administrator
  • Customer
  • Web Registration
  • Reports
  • Authentication

.Net Mini Projects for BCA, MCA and BTech

.Net Projects (Non-IEEE, Web Based, Window Based)

.Net Application Projects List

  1. Online Rental System
  2. Course Finder And Allocation Management Tool
  3. Load Balancing Strategies
  4. Web Enabled Estate Management System
  5. A Wavelet-Laplace Variation Technique
  6. Traveler Info System
  7. Web based Cargo Manager
  8. Defect Tracking System
  9. Distance Learning System
  10. Education Loans
  11. Human Resource Management System project
  12. Insurance Management System
  13. Online Art Gallery
  14. Online E Learning
  15. Online Examination
  16. Online Visa Processing
  17. Repository and Search Engine of a College
  18. Survey Manager
  19. Voting Software
  20. Content Based Image Retrieval System
  21. Addiction Recovery
  22. Airline Reservation System
  23. Asset Management System
  24. Automatic E-Card Forwarding
  25. Background Verification System
  26. Back To My Village
  27. Chemical Management System
  28. College Info
  29. Crime Detection Using Face Recognition
  30. Data Secure Encryption System
  31. E_Former
  32. E-Certificate
  33. E-Learning
  34. Electrical Database Maintenance
  35. E-Payroll
  36. E-Post office System
  37. E-Scholarship
  38. Fin Corp-Cash Controller
  39. Franchisee Management System
  40. Gram Panchayat Management System
  41. HRMS Resource Planning
  42. Information Portal
  43. instant interact New
  44. Intranet Communication
  45. Live Meeting Mailing System
  46. Digital Library
  47. Distributed Computing For E-Learning
  48. Digital School Management System
  49. Financial Forecast System
  50. TV Broadcasting System (Window Application)
  51. Employee Monitoring System
  52. Web Based Mail Service
  53. Airline Reservation System
  54. TV Shows project
  55. Access a World of Information
  56. Remote Networking Service
  57. Matrimonial Application
  58. Steganography
  59. Health Care Management
  60. Online Recruitment Process New
  61. Multi User Contact Manager
  62. Net Banking
  63. Office Management System
  64. Online Auction
  65. Online Auction For Customs Products In Sea Ports
  66. Online Bidding
  67. Online Evaluation tool
  68. Online Service Pivot
  69. Online Shopping
  70. Online Test Center
  71. Online Vehicle Tracking
  72. Online Virtual Classes
  73. Online Air Ticketing System
  74. Online Blood Bank (Blood Camber Services)
  75. Online Selection
  76. Order Processing Order
  77. Patron Complaints Resolving System
  78. Project Scheduler System
  79. Property 4 Hyderabad
  80. Pub Maintenance System
  81. Radical Application Portal
  82. Reality Event Organization
  83. RTA Information System (RTA)
  84. Societal Informatics
  85. Soft Solutions
  86. Software Project Organization
  87. Student Halt Mart
  88. Super Market
  89. Task Tracker Arranger System
  90. Tax Assessment Services
  91. Tele Communication Services
  92. Time Login & Leave Management
  93. Vehicle & Health Insurance Policy Premium Calculator
  94. Venture Information System
  95. Warehouse Management System
  96. Web Enabled Estate
  97. Web Tourist Programming System
  98. Zeppelin Reservation System
  99. Universal Feed Reader
  100. Information Screen In Share Marketing
  101. Online Art Gallery
  102. Secure Multimedia Audio & Video Streaming
  103. Automated Mobile Examination Results
  104. BSNL Office Management System
  105. Civil Registry
  106. Corporate Recruitment Management System
  107. Trading Partners Collaboration (Consulting Website)
  108. E Postal Services Network
  109. E2M Conference
  110. E-Cops (Online Crime Reporting)
  111. E Mobile Shop
  112. E-School Management System
  113. Friends Adda Social Networking Site
  114. Geo Spatial InfoTech Solutions
  115. H1B Visa Processing System
  116. Insurance Agent Management System
  117. Integral Construction Portal
  118. Knowledge Management System
  119. Knowledge Process Outsourcing
  120. Lead to Reed Transformation system
  121. Loss Control System (LCS) for Insurance Producers
  122. Prison Management System
  123. Mobile Payment System
  124. Online Auction
  125. Online Property Search
  126. Slow Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
  127. Speed Cash System
  128. Student Fee Management System
  129. Advanced Online Parking
  130. Web Mart Online Shopping Paradise
  131. My Club – Club Management System
  132. College Information System
  133. Cooking Recipe Portal
  134. Shopping Cart System
  135. Digital Portico
  136. DTC Packers & Movers
  137. E Commerce Mobile Shop
  138. Online Electronic Shop
  139. Expo Management System
  140. E Learning Solutions
  141. Kiosk Management System
  142. Online Learning – Learn Direct through E-Commerce System
  143. Online Art Gallery
  144. Online Bus Reservation
  145. Online Real Estate
  146. Online Social Networking
  147. Security for OSN User Walls by Blacklisting the Misbehaving Users
  148. Perfume Gallery
  149. Online Learning Center
  150. Inventory Management System
  151. Tours & Travels Website
  152. Extreme Sport – Online Store
  153. Store Management System
  154. E Banking
  155. Online Survey Creator
  156. Enterprise Project and Defect Tracking Tool
  157. AICTE Campaign System
  158. Web Based Digital Watermarking Screenshots
  159. Web Hosting System
  160. Online Learning System

Technologies used to implement These Projects are:

ASP.Net, C#.Net, ADO.Net, SQL Server.

Mobile Phone based Attendance System

Mobile Project Overview:

Mobile Phone based Attendance SystemMobile Phone based Attendance System project is implemented in java platform.In many colleges and schools teachers take attendance manually by each and every student.

They need to take attendance in each and every period in case of private engineering colleges and they have 60-90 students in a single class.

They need to look at each and every student and then mark on the attendance book absent or present. Then they carry the attendance book with them, they also need to keep them safely for future reference.

This takes lots of time in taking in attendance and at last of the year they need to count total attendance and then find the percentage of each and every student.

This is the burden on the professors.  To remove this burden we can develop such application that will take attendance automatically and fast. This application will be based on the different modules like:

List of Modules in this Mobile phone based Attendance System Project:

User: this module is for staff, they need to enter user name and password to enter this page, than only they can take attendance from mobile phones.

Attendance entry:  this module for marking the attendance of the students. They select branch, year and semester of the students. After that they mark to the absentees.

GPRS connectivity: with this function they send attendance list to the server that store the attendance in the database. It selects cell phone through GPRS.

Update database: this module manipulate the attendance list when it receives the signal from the cell phone.

Display: this module is for students, they can check their attendance, they need to select their year, semester and branch.

SMS: this is the best feature of the application; student can get his attendance on his cell phone by just sending an SMS from anywhere. 

Project Title: 

Mobile Phone based Attendance System

Software Requirements: 

This application is develop using J2ME that uses JSP, JDBS for the coding and MySQL for the database.

Hardware Requirements

                  System                      : IBM-Compatible PC

                  Processor                  : Pentium IV

                  Memory                 : 256 MB RAM

                  Hard Disk Drive        : 40 GB

                  Mobile Side               : Any GPRS enabled Mobile.