Java Project on Computer to Telephony Integration System

In Any Growing Business or organization customers, satisfaction is the most common factor so to accomplish that we need to take the feedback from the customers or else we need to provide a complaint service for customers to solve any errors or problems occurred to them so, we need some call center executives. In this Computer to Telephony Integration System project, there are 3 modules.

  1. Admin
  2. Customer
  3. Employee


Admin will login with valid username and password after logging admin can add employees and delete employees. Admin can view the Customers registered and generate the reports.

All the users are controlled by admin. Administrator services are

  1. Employee Management
  2. View Customers
  3. Generate The Reports
  4. Check The Feedback


Customer will register and login into the application and update his profile. He can Submit the complaints and wait for the reply and he can see the status of the complaint and can give the feedback to the admin.

The Customer services are

  1. Update profile
  2. submit the complaints
  3. view complaints status
  4. send feedback


Employee will login and view and update his details and view the complaints uploaded by the customer and provide a solution and submit reports. He can view and request and send feedback.

The employee is a work which can handle the all the customer details. The Employee services are

  1. Edit profile
  2. view/solve complaints
  3. submit reports
  4. view request and send feedback

Software Requirements 

Operating System: Windows or Linux/Solaris

User Interface: HTML, CSS

Client-side Scripting: JavaScript

Programming Language: Java

Web Applications: JDBC, JSP

IDE/ Workbench: Eclipse with MyEclipse Plug-in

Database: Oracle / MySQL

Server Deployment:  Apache Tomcat

Architecture Diagram:

Admin Use Case Diagram:

Customer Use Case Diagram:

Employee Use Case Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Output Screens:

  1. Home Page:
  2. Admin Page:
  3. Customer Registration:
  4. Customer Login:
  5. Edit Customer Profile:
  6. Add Employee Details:
  7. Customer Details:
  8. Employee Login:
  9. Update Employee Details:

Download Computer to Telephony Integration System Java Project Source Code, Project Report, PPT, UML Diagrams

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