Automation of Faculty Remuneration System Java Project


This Automation of Faculty Remuneration System project is an online portal.

This web-based application allows the college faculty to get important data about their remunerations for their invigilation’s.

Since college faculty operates through pc, they can keep checking about the payment given to them frequently, the faculty login is to be performed through a computer.

Faculty can see the allotted students in their class

Existing system

There are many online portals available for faculties but they are not very efficient, the faculties are unable to access the details.

Disadvantages of Existing System

It is not helpful in assigning the invigilation details and managing the regularly

Proposed system

This is a web application for the automation of generating the invigilation to the faculty.
The count of students attending the examination, the faculty is invigilating are taken into account and the pay is automatically updated in their personal account.
An approach to the admin can be made if any errors are present in the remuneration details and can be modified immediately.

Advantages of the proposed system

It is helpful in assigning the invigilation details and managing the regularly with modifications.

Description of modules:

Faculty login: This allows the registered faculty to login in order to view their invigilation details.

Admin login: The admin assigns the invigilation to the faculty and add the required rooms and allocate the students according to them.

Student login: This allows the student to check in which room they are allotted.
Server management: The server smartly handles data and allows the details to be updated frequently and maintained securely.

UML Diagrams:

Use Case Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Output Results:

  • Home Page
  • Admin Login page
  • Admin Home Page
  • Add Faculty Page
  • Add Student Page
  • Add Room Page
  • Faculty Allocation Page
  • Faculty Login Page
  • Faculty Home Page
  • View Students Page


This system is very helpful in order to do all the above-mentioned tasks. Generally, there may be a chance that some faculties may not get the payment properly. Instead, by means of using this application, it reduces the burden to the faculty and also, the faculties can contact admin easily by means of having the application. It is a good platform for the faculty.

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  1. Automation of Faculty Remuneration System Java Project
    please can i get the full project
    with the documentation and oay for it

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