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To help job seekers to find the job information online conveniently and quickly we are going to develop this project. The project title is job suggestion website. Here We are going to develop this website to ease the difficulty of searching for jobs according to the area of interest and according to locations where they want to work. To develop this website we have to collect information from different companies by crawling the data with their domains and location. These crawled data need to store by using some database (such as mongoDB or phpmyadmin or mysql). The stored data of companies should be searchable by location or domain. For searching, we will use elastic search or other search engines. To search companies user need to enter location or domain and our website will suggest companies according to the given information.

Output Results Explanation:

This User interface is for job portal home page where admin can log in with registered user id and password. The user can view a list of features available in this application.

After successful login admin can view different features and perform operations form this page.

Admin can view employee details with user id, employee name, company name, contact number, email id, date of registration and charges.

List user interface will display a list of applications which are applied for jobs.

Using View jobs user interface admin can view a list of jobs posted with job id, job description, company name, and date of posting with requirements.

The user can select posted jobs from this list and look after detail of job with address, time and company profile. The user can apply using directly from this interface.

This interface is confirmation message after user applying for the job.

This user interface is for the admin who can post new walk-in details. List of posted details is shown with walk-in id, job title, company name, location, walk-in date.

Using this User interface admin can add new walk-in details and post to the existing list.

This interface is for showing successful posting of a new walk in.

This interface is for user registration where the employee should register with an application for applying for a job. The user must enter login detail and contact information using this form.

Admin can view a list of job seekers details who had applied for a different job posting . Admin can view job seeker id, username, qualification, percentage.

Search interface can help admin or user to find respective job seeker or job postings without searching from the list. Admin can select criteria, location, experience, functional area and get results.

Using manager login form user must enter valid user id and password to log in with application only after login user can use any features.

Company manager can view employer details after login to the application.

The manager can view a list of job postings from different companies. He can post a new job for his company.

The manager can add new job post for the list based on his company requirement.

This interface is for post successfully posted confirmation.

This interface is for user login where user had already registered with the application. He can enter user id and password and apply for a job.

The user can view a list of placements papers and download for reference.

This interface will display downloaded placement paper with previous questions and answers.

Using this interface user can download sample resumes.

This interface shows details of downloads available for a user like networking question papers, database question papers..etc.

UML Diagrams:

Use Case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Class Diagram:

ER Diagram:


Metadata has data about data. Metadata actually has the data that describes the data we store in our SQlite database files.

S.NO Table name attributes properties Data type  key
1 Admin Userid User1, user2, .. varchar Primary key
password varchar
2 Employer  Home


User name


Employer name Varchar


Primary key


Job Street


View Jobs


Post New Job


SaveJob Details


















Search Jobs


J2EE Software Engineer…. varchar Primary key
3 Job Seeker Home Search Jobs J2EE Software Engineer…. varchar Primary key
Apply Job JOB1, JOB1…. varchar
My Profile PerID1, PerID2.. varchar
My Applications A-1, A-2.. varchar
Update Profile


PerID1, PerID2.. Varchar


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