Custom Stitch – Online Cloth Stitching Website Java Project Code & Report

To develop a Custom Stitch – Online Cloth Stitching application that gives users custom-made clothes according to their sizes entered in the application.

Below is the detailed requirement for the Custom Stitch project. We need to know if it’s feasible to develop that application in java or PHP or any other programming language. We need to start developing the application according to the requirements.

Custom Stitch Project Overview:

1. The name of the application /project will be Custom Stitch – Online Cloth Stitching website 

2. After opening the application, the user should get the option first is to register and then login

3. After successful Registration/login, they will take to the home screen of the application

4. On the home screen they will be able to see the available catalog

5. After selecting any of the products from the catalog the application will ask the user to enter their body measurements either in inches or in centimeters

6. After entering their body measurements application will ask the user to enter their delivery address and the application will show the expected delivery date

7. When all of the details are filled “Order is placed and will reach you soon” this type of message should be displayed on the screen.

Output Results of the Custom Stitch Project:

Home page:

Welcome to Custom Stitch Website

Customer Register page:

If directly clicking on Login then the application should through the error like register first and login.

After clicking on submit button the pop-up will be displayed registration is successful.

After registration, the application should route the user back to the welcome screen so that they can log in

Customer Login page

View Category Page:

Select & Order Online Page:

at the screen, users should be able to select an item and then proceed

Customer Selecting  brand Page

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