Android Mobile Application for Booking Vehicle

As the technology increasing day by day most of the work is made easier by software applications run on mobile. We are living in the 21st century which is known as the “Mobile World”, where almost every kind of work is carried out with the help of mobiles. In this project, we are introducing a concept of having remote access to book a vehicle of our desired wish for a long tour or short tour with payment through our mobile application which is supported by Android operating system. Our Booking Vehicle application is designed with the registration facility in which the customers are registered with personal details. This application is designed with functionalities such as Login, Drive mode, (4 wheeler or 2 wheeler), Booking Report, Online Payment, List of the vehicles and their costs, Access.

The purpose of this Booking Vehicle project is to describe the DriveEase Android Application.

The DriveEaseapplication is a web portal where all information about the vehicles (2 wheelers and 4 wheelers) which customers want for long tours and short tours. The problem mostly is most people want to drive their vehicles by their own and some want compulsorily want drivers. DriveEase applications provide both facilities. And the main feature of the application as it provides both 4 wheelers and 2 wheelers according to the users choice.

It provides a friendly environment to maintain the details of vehicles, Availability details, Images of vehicles conducted, List of the drivers and their contact details, User Access,  Updating the vehicles details and showing the vehicles to user boarding to the selected boarding point. The main purpose of this project is to maintain easy Booking of Vehicles for user desired Transportation.


In this project, we are introducing a concept of having remote access to book a vehicle of our desired wish for a  long tour or short tour with payment through our mobile application which is supported by android operating system. Our application is designed with the registration facility in which the customers are registered with personal details. This application is designed with functionalities such as Login, Drive mode, (4 wheeler or 2 wheeler), Booking Report, Online Payment, Driver details, List of the vehicles and their costs, Access. Whereas an administrator can log in, verify, modify and update the vehicle details, upload driver details through a DriveEaseappliation. 

Problem Definition

In the present scenario, whenever we want to book a vehicle it takes more payment and no user satisfaction. Existing system existing not having any application with the selection of users desired vehicle. The selection of the driver also not available in the existing systems. The travelers face a lot of distress with the driver and there is no mutual understanding between the driver and passenger. Self-driving option may not available in the existing system, it enables users to handle the tour according to their wish.


In this Booking Vehicle project, we are providing an individual account for users with a username and a unique password by giving them registration options. They can log in into their own account through the internet from any remote access area. DriveEase is available in a mobile which runs on Android OS as an Application on your fingertips. This Application has all facilities for the user to select a vehicle, select a driver, book a vehicle, start a trip, end the trip, payment through online. Login facility both for user and admin for viewing, modifying vehicles.

Login Module

The purpose of this module is to provide entry into the CETA application. Based on the type of login, the user is provided with various facilities and functionalities. The main function of this module is to allow the user to use the event information system. This module provides two types of login:  Student Login(through CETA) and Admin login through the website.

Fig 10: Login Module

Administrator Module

In this module, if the administrator enters a particular user name and password, then that admin is logged in.

Updates/Adds/Displays vehicles and drivers list

Admin can modify vehicles details, can update vehicles, and add driver’s details and display cars list, bikes list, drivers list.

User Module

In this module when a user enters his username and password, then he can visit the entire following page:

Selection of Drive Mode

When the user clicks on this dropdown list he/she will get two options car and bike. They may select any one.

Selection of point area

When the student clicks on this dropdown list, the boarding points are displayed here. They can select any.

Cars View

When the user clicks on the view button, cars in the selected area are displayed.

Bikes View

When the user clicks on the view button, bikes in the selected area are displayed.

Drivers View

This displays drivers available for a particular area when the user clicks ‘Do you want a driver?’ alert box.

Payment View

This displays the Starting trip date, ending trip date, total cost along with required payment details like card number, expiry date, cvv no.

Payment Success View

This notifies the user with payment successful text and a button to drive to home again.


User Accessing application

The user is of center focus; because in every application, the user plays a very important role.Users can have access to view only if they log in. Users can access the information of the vehicles, select a vehicle, and Select a driver, Start and stop a trip, make payment.

Simple Android Application Project Ideas

1) Nowadays the fruits which are coming to the market are full of chemicals using AI we have to scan the fruits how much chemical content is used if more than limit it will give an acknowledgment.

2) In class, there will be some students who will come to class at morning and they will not attend to next classes so we will track them by using their GPS tracker and if the students are not present the message will send to hod through the internet.

3) The project is aimed to develop an android application by which the users can send the information/alerts about a particular location to the people so that the people who are planning to go to that location can avoid to visit it for some time and it also sends alerts to people nearby that the particular location is affected.

4) Smart device tracking system using Arduino UNO and gsm module to protect the device from theft and send an alert message to the alternate mobile number provided by the user.

5) Create an android application or a Web Page (which one is easy u can do it no problem). You may include these names as the references example 1) The Hindu. 2) The Indian Express. Put the option to watch Videos and chat (optional you can include the icon if it is easy u can do it). Finally, you can do whatever you want to look good!! but please follow the Indian news(You can google it in online some of the web news applications or web pages)

6) Attendance Manager APP

Title of the project:-  Attendance Manager

Platform Utilized:-  Android Studio

Problem Statement:-  In the present system, attendance calculation is done using the Excel sheet which consumes time.

Proposed Statement:-  Our proposed system is to make ensure that the calculation of attendance, reports generation on monthly, cumulative and semester wise attendance can be automated which becomes helpful to the college administration and makes the work easier and simpler.

Besides this, we also generate reports on the students who are having greater than 75% attendance, 65% – <75% and <65% every month so that any student’s attendance can be easily checked.

Module Details:-   Login Screen, Home Screen(import excel sheet, posting of attendance, report generation)

Development of Institutional App using Android Studio

This project is aimed at developing an Android application for the institution. This is performed by using the Android studio. The main idea of this app is to overcome the time required to search for any information and also removes the delay in accessing any web page. It is more secure, portable, easily installed and used on any mobile phones supporting Android OS. Provides interface which is easy to understand by the users and greatly helps in adapting to the use of this application.

This Institutional App majorly consists of Student login, Parent login and updates from Training and Placement Officer. student login consists of student profile, notice board, events, request books. Parent login includes student profile, marks, and attendance. Training and Placement Officer is to manage the student information and also updates notifications regarding placements.


The main objective of developing this Institutional app is to support mobility and automation to the process of managing student information.


It is designed with respect to students and parents point of view

Existing System with Con’s

  • In the Existing System, all the information is either in hard file or website
  • Searching is too difficult
  • Not much secure
  • No login for parents

Proposed System with Pro’s

  • The proposed system is an android application
  • Easy to use
  • parents can view their wards academic details
  • secure
  • used for managing students details, marks, attendance, notifications, events.
  • Searching time will be less.


  • Administrator
  • Student
  • parent

Functional requirements:

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Reset password
  • Administration
  • Logout

Software Requirements

  • Application Architecture – J2ME
  • database Application: Google Firebase
  • Project Type: Mobile Application
  • Designing Tool – Android Studio
  • Operating System – Android


This android app is an application which contains information regarding students details like attendance, marks, events from Training and Placement officer TPO. Also students marks and attendance available for parents in the parent portal. This information can be accessible from anywhere and anytime using an android device.

Home Page

Registration Page

Login Page

App Menu Items

Student Login Page

This Project developed by using the android studio and firebase.

Real Time Bus Tracking System Android App

Development of Bus tracking Android application which will do these things:

1) This real-time bus tracking system with functionalities like ETA, bus recommendation.
2) The user should be able to see the real-time bus movement and if he taps on the bus in the map.
3) The bus should show it’s route and destination. The person who is on the bus should have a different app in which he will input the source destination.
4) And the user app will be a different app.
5)That person on the bus will be the driver and he will enter the bus number through his smartphone and will be using the bus app not that user app.
6)After entering the bus number the bus now will be shown on the map which will be seen by the user by using a user app.
7)Yes, we need settings options for driver end side like on and off for tracking and update bus details.

This android project includes four main modules or features below

1. Get the user’s current location and notify him his nearby local bus stops and their names and distance and time to get to the bus stop.
2. Get the source and destination points from the user and mention him all the local bus numbers through the route and the route map as well.
3. He can be able to check his nearby places as well like, hospitals, police stations, malls, atm etc.
4. He can share his location with anyone through social media.

This is a real-time bus tracking system project in whole.
Two of our previous major projects namely, BRTS project and CITY BUS MNGMNT ANDROID APP covers these first two modules.

Leave Management System Project App

Project Description:

It’s a leave management system project, used in any organization. The Leave Management module in the company allows their employees to manage their own leaves data. Employees can apply for leave via a mobile application (platform independent) and view their leave record with information on leaves availed, canceled along with the annual leave balance summary.

All leave applications go through an automatic approval process, wherein, the employee’s manager is informed of leave applications via an automatic email generated by the system or a notification in the app.

Key basic minimum requirements of the Mobile App Leave Management are:

Client Side App:

There should be 3 types of accounts involved in this Leave management system Android App

  • Employee account
  • Manager account
  • LMS admin account

1. The user should apply to leave through the Leave Management System.

2. Once you log in, You should see your profile page.(your photo, emp id, emp_name, joining date,manager_name)

3. There should be a navigation Menu. (where Each Menu Item has a unique functionality)

4. Menu Tab1 -> apply for leave,(when you apply to leave an email should trigger to the manager of the employee -> email content should display the leave summary(how many CL /SL/EL’s ) does the employee has.)
email and notification in the app to the manager account.

5. Menu Tab2 -> should display leave a summary of the person who logged in. (total casual leaves/ sick leaves/total leave taken and so on)

6. Menu Tab3 -> (manager specific activity) -> should be able to see who all are in left in his team.

7. Menu Tab4 -> additional functionality based upon your ideas is appreciated.

8. Menu Tab5 -> Holiday calendar of the year. (Calendar should color out the applied leaves by the person)

9. Design should be material/cards design.

The development environment must include: XAMARIN/VISUAL STUDIO (C#), should use rest API and JSON to fetch the data.