College Classroom Appliances Repair and Maintenance System App


This College Electronic items Repair and Maintenance System App has been implemented to accept complaints against damaged fans and lights in the classroom and to show the status of the registered complaint.

The college classroom-specific android mobile app has two sides, the user end, and the admin end. The user end is for the class CRs which allows them to lodge complaints, view the status of the complaint, and see the complaint’s history. Whereas, on the admin end, the admin can view the lodged complaints and can update the status of the complaint.

User end Project development:

First, after opening the Repair and Maintenance System App, a login page appears. The user must log in to the app, with his/her respective login ID and password. If the details match with any of the CR’s details, then the app will be directed to the user side. After logging in, a page with all the room numbers is displayed.

When the respective room is selected, the user is directed to a page where he will be asked to select the fan number or the light number that needs repairs. On clicking the submit button, the complaint will be lodged successfully.

On the home page, there is a menu bar towards the extreme left, which has two options-complaints books and logout. The complaints book has information about all the complaints that have been lodged to date.

The status of the complaint whether it is repaired, or it is still pending, is shown for each complaint. By using the logout option, the user can log out of the app. This is the user side of the app.

Dataflow of the App (User end):

DFD of College Classroom Fan & Lights Repair System App                                         

Working Flow of the App(User end):

Output Workflow results of College Classroom Fan & Lights Repair System App

Admin end project development:

When the given user ID and password match with the details of the admin, then the College items Repair System App will be directed to the admin side. After the admin logs in, he will be directly navigated to the complaints book. Here, he can view all the complaints, old as well as new ones, that have been registered. At the end of each entry, he has the option to update the status of that entry.


The ultimate goal of this Final year android-based mini or major project is to eliminate the huge loss of man-hours and manual intervention. The goal is to provide an effective platform to lodge complaints and also to maintain a chain of responsibility and efficiently attend to complaints.

The entire academic project has been built according to the requirements stated and can be implemented without errors. The complaints can be stored and can be monitored. The is very useful as it would reduce stress and it is very easy to use. This process is less time-consuming and is highly reliable.

This Repair and Maintenance System App project was developed with HTML, CSS, XML, Java, JavaScript, and MySQL databases. It can be scaled to add even more sophisticated features and be made more flexible.

The application can be integrated by adding several other complaints regarding infrastructure etc. A communication system can be provided where the students can clarify their queries. This would enhance the standard of the application.

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