Project Report on Study Collage for CSE

Major Project is one of the most important components in the fulfillment of any professional course conducted at any level and at any college. Each one of us would always have an advantage if we have a chance to come face to face with the tools and processes we are being taught in our course. The main purpose of this Study Collage for CSE Major project is to expose the trainees to the practical experiences of the actual industrial conditions in which they are required in future.

This Process helps us to complete our knowledge about the process of developing software.


This ‘STUDY COLLAGE for CSE’ Project is online learning site. The motive behind developing this website is to help all computer science engineering students regarding their study material.
As we all know that collecting study material at the end of the semester is very tough and makes all students restless ,so this website will definitely going to help each and every student providing syllabus,books,previous years’ question papers and many more.

This Study Collage for CSE website provides facility to download books, syllabus, question papers etc. and a good interface for finding difficult words regarding computer science called technical dictionary.



Home page contains basic information and basic links available in website. It provides options to access study related information. It contain various options in MENU bar

  1. Syllabus
  2. Books
  3. Dictionary
  4. Question papers
  5. Networking
  6. Hardware
  7. Operating system
  8. Animation


Through this option and with its sub menus we select download syllabus semester wise.


Through this menu option we can download the desired book of desired semester and subjectsof the respective semester.


It is the interface provided in the website for searching the difficult words that comes the path of study of the students.
Dictionary is the application that basically going to help a lot all the students whose going to use this website.


This module of the website contains all information regarding animation.
It contains sub parts:
• Basics of animation
• Types of animation
• Principles of animation


This module of the website contains all information regarding computer hardware and its sub parts available in the webpage are:
• Microprocessor
• Motherboard
• Hard disk
• Graphic card


Administrator holds the right to update various fields provided in the website like
• To add words in the dictionary.
• To add contents in the sub modules.
• To upload books and syllabus.
• To keep a check on feedbacks.etc.


• Login database table

• Database Table to store words of dictionary

• Database table to store feedbacks


  • More and more modules of study material can be added to the project.
  • This project can be realized for all branches of engineering, so as to make it better and suitable for institute.
  • After all sky is the limit. 


The main aim of developing this Study Collage for CSE software is to learn about practical experience in IT industry. This software is devolved to buy books online and free downloading of books online. We can develop this website for those user how do not want to waste their time and Money for buying books.


1. System Analysis & Design, Elias M. Awadh
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