Project Report On Laser Assisted Machining Of Inconel 718

Project Report On Laser Assisted Machining Of Inconel 718: Laser assisted machining (LAM) can improve the mach inability of materials by locally heating the material prior to its removal. The report is a study of the laser assisted machining of Inconel.

718 with carbide and ceramic insert. The report shows a reduction in the cutting force, and has highlighted the impact of laser assistance on the integrity surface (roughness, appearance, residual stress) and the tool life.

The use of high strength materials, like titanium alloys and tool steels, is becoming increasingly common in industry. However, these materials are difficult to machine because they maintain their mechanical properties even at high temperatures. Hence, conventional machining (CM) of these materials is slow and inefficient because only slow cutting speeds can be used. In order to increase productivity certain types of assistance can be used to facilitate the cut. The report shown that LAM makes it possible to machine high strength metals like bearing steel, boron, metal matrix composites, and ceramics for these materials, it improves workability by decreasing the cutting forces and by increasing the tool life. This process is currently the only process able to machine very hard materials.

Project Report On Laser Assisted Machining Of Inconel 718 Conclusion:

This report, on the laser assisted machining of Inconel 718 has highlighted significant differences between the use of carbide inserts and ceramic inserts. In addition, comparisons with conventional machining were also conducted. Tests have shown that, no matter which insert is used, LAM significantly reduces the cutting force. The integrity of the machined surface, in terms of roughness, is not improved with the use of ceramic inserts in LAM compared to CM. However, this gain is not visible with carbide inserts. Ceramic inserts allow a very good performance during the laser assisted machining, unlike carbide inserts. In fact, the life of a carbide insert in LAM is considerably lower than its life in CM, whereas the life of ceramic inserts in LAM increase by 25% compared to the life in CM.

Download Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report On Laser Assisted Machining Of Inconel 718.

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