Puyo Puyo Java Code

Puyo puyo project is implemented in java platform.  This game works on the principle of matching same color of spheres on the board and by moving blocks from left to right. After colors are matched block of same color spheres will be disappeared from the board. Four colors are used for matching (red, green, blue and green) and linking can be done horizontally, vertically or both.

As soon as matching is done spheres will be disappeared and new remaining spheres will fill the place. Scoring depends on number of same colors that are matched for a single move in the chain more matching more score. Level of the game is changed based on gaming standard and total number of spheres removed. 

In this project we provide entire source code in java and step by step procedure to run this program. As this project is implemented in java it can work on different platforms with minimum hardware and software requirements which are specified in readme file. 
Readme file provides rules of the game, compatibility, compiling the source code and launching the game, player control details. 

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