Franchise Management System Project Report

Introduction to Franchise Management System Project:

This is developing for a basic purpose. This is an Educational Institute which have many other institute centers. It has a particular head office and across the world has its 25 institute centers. All the activities are controlled by the head office.

Students who are interested to join it they have to apply a fee and head office will collect the total. It provides some study material.

When any kind of study material will be needed the institute center send a request for materials and head office provide this entire material basis on their availability.

Sometimes this head office conducts a meeting where the entire institute manager comes and gives their views for improvement the facility and all the other facts. This is a kind of project by which we can integrate institute in a single platform.

All the facilities are available easily. If there are some problems about any institute then the manager can easily communicate with others through internet.

The product will help:

  • Rescue and access of data is easy.
  • Paper work is considerably reduced.
  • Best possible Results can be achieved.
  • Doubling of work is avoided.

This product helps to communicate any one through internet by which they can avoid face to face interview. 


By this product every Institute manager got the news of students of all branches, study materials, performance etc… By this product institute can provide all this information. 

Difference between Existing System and Proposed System

Existing System:

Due to the existing system there are some problems to get the information because in this system institute manager get the information by manually means face to face. For this they have to maintain duplicate record. 

Proposed System

By using proposed system it is very easy to get all the news. This system connects all the institute branches with their main head office, due to this manager can take quick and right decision.

Download  Franchise Management System Project Report.

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