VOIP Java Project Source Code

OIP project is implemented in java platform which works on client server architecture using socket programming. Main aim of this project is to develop a web application through which users can use voice communication with any user from any part of the world for free of cost.

This system works on internet protocol where every user is allocated with unique ip address which is similar to that of allocation different phone numbers for different users. As the usage of internet is growing and even mobile communication is integrated with internet facility using voice over internet protocol communication will help users to reduce communication charges.

In existing system phone communication is the leading voice communication system all over the world. Disadvantages of using mobile communication is cost in order to communicate to users who are located at different parts of world this system is not efficient in terms of cost per call. In order to reduce this problem voice over intent protocol communication will be help full.

In present system voice over intent protocol a software front end is provided for users and server is maintained by developers and user needs to register with the application and get unique user name and password.

Here we provide project source code on voice over internet protocol software application which is developed in java.

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  1. Hi, i’d like to know the above given code, how exactly should it be implemented is there another code for the server or client or shud the above code be used on both of the client machines.. and whether i need to create a jframe for it.


  2. sir i have downloaded obove voip project but it cannot run on system only text chat is runnining but not a voice chat please halp as soon as passible please help me

  3. C:\Userror incapturejava.securi ty.AccessControlException: access denied (javax.sound
    .sampled.AudioPermission record)
    ers\Hitesh singh\Desktop\New folder (3)

  4. sir i have downloaded ur project from ur website it sound system is not working it having a errorerror in capturejava.security.AccessControlException: access denied (javax.sound
    .sampled.AudioPermission record) please suggest me what to do……….as soon as possible

  5. Sir Can u please Provide me the Server Name to connect ? ? Alraedy i’m Lagging out here.. its Very Late… Please Help me Out please :)….

  6. Downloaded the source code already, i have java and class files, so i copied the java files out into a new application, eun the chatApplet, iwhat is he username and server name.

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