Snake Gaming C Project

 Project Description:

 This SNAKE GAMING C project deals with the snake game. In this snake going to eat objects randomly emerging on screen and if successful in eating then it becomes larger in size and gains score. The player has to change the direction of the snake by pressing left, right, top, down arrows for getting the food .Addition feature is completion of the game in a given time which makes game addictive and has ability to mesmerize the player. This is small & simple C Programming application for game lovers & programming fresher’s. This project was developed in Turbo C Programming Language & No additional database required.

Environment  Languages : C Programming Language
Software’s : Turbo c Software
O/s : Windows XP PRO



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  1. Hi Afreen ,
    If you got the source code of snake gaming in c, then please mail me the source code. It will definitely help me alot. Please…

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