Project Evaluator Asp.Net Project for CSE Final Year Students with Report

The Project Evaluator is developed to reduce the manual processes which are occurring in the software company. The Project is the web based application which eases the work of the administrator, project leader, project manager, developer and the tester. The receiving of the project from the client and giving the work to the developers in the way that they would not be over worked and the separation and allocation of the work to different developers with the daily basis evaluation and weekly basis report, testing of the application are simple with this application. 

There is the automatic creation of the reports to provide the information regarding the process made for the user on request by single click of mouse. The project leader and the developers and other users can get and send the information with single mouse click. The official works will get fast with this project. The project is structured in the manner of the input operations are performed with the structured and schematic forms. 

The Existing System 

The existing system is not automatic and the administrator and the project leader and the developer work manually. The work gets delay due to manual work. The information to be kept is difficult. The validation of the data is not possible and the error correction is not possible. The mishandling of the information is possible. The existing system is not user friendly. 

The Proposed System 

The Proposed System called the Project Evaluator is the automated version of the existing system. The system is a web application and the administrator, project leader and the developer easily do the work schematically and the soon. 

The various characteristics of the Proposed System are the automatic process of evaluation, fast operations, structured forms for the correction and validation of the input information, the automatic generation of reports. 

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