CSE Mini Project on MY SQL GUI Visual C#.Net Project Report with Source Code

Introduction to MY SQL GUI Visual C#.Net Project:

The MYSQL GUI is the effective MySQL manager and the Admin tool which possesses the features of all MySQL query browser, administrator, php My Admin and other MySQL front ends. The various features of the MY SQL are

  1. Complete Unicode support
  2. MYSQL 5.x object support
  3. Relationship of foreign key manager
  4. Tabular diagnostics
  5. Generating database
  6. Generating or dropping tables
  7. The Multi tab query editor and result set editor
  8. The Multi query execution 

MYSQL GUI is for managing and the browsing of the databases and the tables from the windows and Linux interface. The most needed criteria is the GUI to generate and the editing which are possible in MySQL 5.0.2 and above version. The tables initially known as the Table Tools is now the Bulk Table Editor. The bulk editing is the transfers of the all tables of the databases to the other databases. 

The Existing System 

Currently the database transactions consist of query that is required to write manually. The various queries cannot be executed at the same time. The generation of triggers and the stored facility is not easy in the existing system. There is no transfers of the databases. The existing system consists of the minimum databases. 

The Proposed System 

The Proposed System includes the generation of the databases and its transfers are simple and easy. The generation of stored procedures, functions and triggers is done in simple way. The Proposed System has various features

  1. The attractive GUI for generating and editing triggers.
  2. To generate and edit the stored procedures and functions.
  3. To develop the database copies of one database into other database.
  4. Table forms and editable.
  5. The database can be transferred to other database.
  6. The tables and variables are printable. 

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