E-Commerce Project Preface and Acknowledgement

The below preface and Acknowledgement is for a simple e commerce website. Students can easily prepare their own preface, Acknowledgement, Limitations and Future Enhancement with the help of the below example.


The main thing, which has been kept in mind   during this e-commerce based Web development, is our best efforts to make it easy, attractive & user friendly.

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Regardless of the type of online presence you hope to achieve—from informational to artistic to commercial—I will help you achieve it with professionalism and style.

This site is developed with one simple goal in mind: grab a visitor’s attention and hold it. Why? Because that is, quite simply, how success is achieved on the Internet.

Case studies have shown that the average web surfer will leave your site within 8 seconds if they fail to understand your purpose or can’t easily digest your message at a glance. That means your website must inform and dazzle instantly and simultaneously if it is to have any chance of competing online.

My goal as a professional web designer is to create a one-of-a-kind website that will not only knock the socks off your competition, but also keep your visitors coming back for more.

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Welcome to the E-Commerce Project, a unique site in the cyberspace.


A small web-site as this one has required   help from many quarters. We realized this when we ventured into the area of web development.From the beginning everyone co-operated, supported us for which we express our sincere acknowledgement.

Training  is  the first  step in  the  practical  field  from  where one learns  how to apply  theory  principles  for  this  the   practical  purposes.To develop a successful website,one needs understanding    and   co-ordination  from  all those who are  directly and  indirectly involved in this.

We, the students of Engineering College, find ourselves to be privileged to have golden opportunity to develop website under the guidance of such people without whom designing and developing website successfully would have been just impossible for us. We are thankful to them.

We would like to thank all those who have supported us. A person can be successful only when the team and organization for which they are working have unlimited goal of his perseverance. We hereby, like to show our deep gratitude towards our instructor and project in charge all faculty of college helped us very much.

We are obliged to them for successful completion of our E-Commerce Project.

Last but not the least;

Above all, we should not forget the great director of the world,

‘The Almighty’; let us thank the Almighty for His inspiration.


No system or software is 100% perfect or reliable in its sense of functionality and performance. There are always small or big bugs in the system. So our system has also some limitations.

  • Chatting is not possible with our E-Commerce Project.
  • It is not possible to view colors of newly launched bike(s) while purchasing the bike.
  • Future enhancement will include all the functions which we are not able to implement in our system.
  • Like in future we can make the messenger in which it is possible to chat with members of our site.
  • And also try to connect with other messenger.

May be in future it is possible to get solution on the spot.

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