National Parks of India Java Project

 The main objective of “National Parks of India” Java Project is to provide information regarding various National Parks situated in India and animals residing in those parks. This National Parks of India project helps people who are interested in wild animals so that they can visit in right season and right time.

In the existing system people don’t know about those park’s timings and entry fee. And also people don’t know vehicle availability and their charges in the premises of those park’s. If people want to know the information like these things, we have to visit a particular park physically.

If we don’t reach the park at the particular timing, then we may miss the chance to visit park on the same day. We may lose our valuable time and money. So that before entering into the parks we have to know the park details clearly.

The proposed system provides information about park’s timings and charges for adults and children. Various costs of the foreign visitors and Indian visitors. Students may have discount on their id cards.

To enter into the park take permission and tickets from the authorities of parks. Special Safari vehicles only allowed into the parks. In some parks safari will be once in the morning and evening from sunrise to sunset twice a day.

This type of information we are providing by developing “National Parks of India” application.

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